How to Create a Prospect Experience During COVID-19

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This webinar explores best practices and strategies on how to create a positive prospect experience during COVID-19

In these unprecedented times, some communities have been able to adapt their approach to sales and marketing with ease, but others have seen greater occupancy challenges directly related to the pandemic. How do you put your ‘best foot forward’ when there are limitations on tours, outreach, and other in-person interactions we’re accustomed to?

This presentation explores how to create a positive prospect experience during COVID-19 — despite these constraints. We review some best practice tips and strategies including: providing prospects with a fantastic first impression, an informative virtual visit, and managing objections.Discover what healthcare providers from different levels of care are doing to achieve integrated care coordination.


Speaker Information
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Christine Forget
President, Grandview Consulting

Christine Forget has been in the senior housing sector for more than 25 years, holding positions in both long term care homes, retirement residences, on the corporate side as a regional director of sales, and marketing for a large North American seniors housing provider. Today, through her company Grandview Consulting, she helps and supports sales and operational teams through mentorship and results-driven advocacy.

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Chris van Popta
Creative Director,

Chris van Popta is the founding partner of Fineline Perspectives, an end-to-end marketing and communications agency for multifamily developers and owners.

Recorded December 16, 2020


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