The Importance of an Effective Communication Strategy During an Emergency:

Coordinating Residents, Their Families, Staff and Other Stakeholders
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The health and safety of your staff and residents is your top priority, but the unpredictable nature of our environment requires providers to have an effective Emergency Preparedness Program (EPP) in place to ensure safety for all.

In this webinar you’ll hear from Nathan Patrick Taylor, CIO at Symphony Care Network about his implementation of Automated Care Messaging and how this has helped his organization respond to COVID-19 transparency and staff testing needs, as well as improve emergency preparedness for the future. 

You will see a live demonstration of Automated Care Messaging and learn how an effective communication strategy is a vital component of any emergency preparedness plan. 

Learning Objectives

  1. How senior care organizations, both small and large, have adapted their communications strategy during COVID-19
  2. How to improve communication and coordination for COVID-19 staff testing 
  3. How to improve communication with staff and other key stakeholders during an emergency 
  4. How PointClickCare integrated tools can greatly enhance your ability to react quickly during an emergency 

Recorded Thursday, November 5, 12 p.m. ET 


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Chris Sisto

Chris Sisto
Director of Marketing, Product Manager, Cliniconex

Darcy MacHale

Darcy MacHale
Director of Sales, Cliniconex 

Nathan Patrick Taylor

Nathan Patrick Taylor
CIO, Symphony Care Network