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Keeping Families Connected

As we continue to navigate an incredibly difficult time, we find that our unique position within the industry gives us the opportunity to hear some wonderful stories from our customers who have worked tirelessly to help their residents through this time of uncertainty and isolation. What we have come to find is that no matter how bad the situation is, you will always find the healers in the world who allow the rest of us to witness moments of true magic. And that’s exactly the story we heard from our customer, Nancy McCune from Westmoreland Manor.

Engaging residents

Now more than ever, it is important to ensure our elders are able to stay connected to their families and friends and regain some sense of normalcy. Since the beginning of the pandemic Westmoreland Manor knew it was their duty to do whatever they could to help residents stay connected and that’s just what they have done. Over the past year, their team has put together several programs for engaging with their residents such as broadcasting aerobics to their televisions for group work out sessions and online holiday gift giving programs to ensure everyone was able to celebrate the holiday. But for Nancy, there was one story that stood out among the rest.

A bride and her grandfather

Nancy told us the story of bride Emily Basara, who desperately wanted to involve her grandfather in her wedding day, and wasn’t going to let a pandemic stop her. Immediately after her grandfather called to let her know he wouldn’t be able to attend her wedding she called the facility to ensure that there was a way celebrate with him on her special day. Thanks to the activity’s team at Westmoreland Manor, Emily got her wish and on her wedding day, she made a stop before her ceremony at the senior care facility to take pictures with her grandfather and show him her dress.

Keeping traditions alive

What is truly incredible about this story is the commitment of the staff at Westmoreland Manor, as well as the determination of this family, to keep their traditions alive. Although they knew he wouldn’t be there in person, they were unwavering in their quest to involve him in the day and make it a special memory for the entire family. The facility had strict restrictions for packages at that time, but the staff still made sure that the grandfather received a corsage, just like the one he would have worn in person, so he could be part of the day. They were also able to keep up with their family tradition of the grandfather giving the bride a lucky penny to put in her shoe. The activities team also took it upon themselves to document the entire interaction to be able to provide the family with the memories of that special moment to hold onto forever. The photos of the day were so powerful that they went viral, and even ended up being covered by the local news.

We’re lucky to work with such amazing customers who are dedicated to not only helping residents maintain their health, but also helping them to stay connected to their family and friends. Thank you for sharing this incredible story with us Nancy, and we look forward many more to come.

February 26, 2021