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Meet the Sales Team

Are you looking for a high growth opportunity in a market that is constantly advancing to meet the demands of the world around it?
Check out our Sales team and you’ll be a part of transforming the healthcare industry!

What is Sales at PointClickCare?

PointClickCare has several sales teams such as Regional Sales, Enterprise Sales, Sales Operations, Sales Enablement, Sales Development, and our Sales Engineering team. The sales team is focused on high growth in a market that is always evolving to match the needs of healthcare. Our sales team is built on providing the best training and coaching possible to allow colleagues to not only succeed in their roles but to prepare them to advance throughout the organization and in the industry.

Meaningful Work

Working on the Sales team at PointClickCare goes beyond the resume, because the work they do makes a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Account Executive, Samantha Pitton, says she loves “being able to problem solve, dig deeper into a challenge they are experiencing and then find the right solution that is going to help them reach their goals.” The meaningful work aspect is one of the main reasons she joined PointClickCare, because we make an impact on a challenge our society is facing.

Sales Development Representative Maya Sue-Wah-Sing agrees and said the most rewarding part is “getting to be the person who starts the process of them getting PointClickCare into their building and getting to see how much it will help them and save them and their staff time.” Associate Account Executive, Joseph Ginsberg comments that one he loves “being part of team that is solving the issues that the long term post-acute care industry is facing” but what he is really proud of is that he gets to help our customers deliver even better care to their patients and residents.

Work/Life Balance

PointClickCare is a people first organization, and our colleagues’ mental health and wellbeing are our top priority. One of the ways we ensure our colleagues are balancing work and life is by offering remote work options. Maya says that it’s the work/life balance at PointClicKCare is her “favourite thing about the culture” and that the prioritization of a good work life balance is incredibly important to her.” Samantha also really enjoys the hybrid model for the flexibility it allows, and she still enjoys going into the office to collaborate with team members. Most of all, she loves “the flexibility of being able to work from home and be equally as productive.” Joseph adds that as someone who onboarded virtually, we knows it’s not always easy but he appreciated that “PointClickCare really gave me the support I needed as well as the initiatives in place to allow me to spend time with my family during this time and still be successful in my role.”

Advice to Aspiring Sales Colleagues

Samantha says if she could tell prospective new team members one thing it would be,“it really is people and the passion they have for what they do that make it so enjoyable.” Joseph also comments that “you’re going to get the best support and you’re going to be part of a great team that is going to work together to help further your career, to make you success, to help PointClickCare grow, and to make a meaningful impact on the lives of millions.”

Want to hear more? Check out our Sales team video to hear all about why they love working at PointClickCare.

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May 5, 2023