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Close up of a person looking at a laptop using PointClickCare software to add a lead resident

Just-in-Time Learning

How many times have you been at work and unsure of how to complete a new process or use new software?

With everchanging technology and implementation, our processes and roles continue to evolve. In-person workshops, virtual instructor-led training, and eLearning are all great training options. Afterall, traditional training requires time, money, and is reliant upon learner retention. When learners cannot remember specific processes or details, just-in-time learning is there to lend a helping hand.

What is Just-in-Time-Learning?

Just-in-time learning is a rapidly growing field. Digital Adoption tools like Pendo, Walkme, Userpolot, Whatfix, Gainsight, and Userlane, provide learners with interactive walkthroughs to complete their processes on the job from within their software.

The goal of just-in-time learning is to provide short and accessible teachings to ensure customers can get back to what matters most: the individuals in their care.

At our organization, just-in-time learning includes help file topics and task assistance.

  1. Help Files: Providing a searchable and accessible help center allows customers to search for the content they need and answer their questions in one space. In addition, the help center is context sensitive, providing learners with recommended topics based on the page they are on. The help files provide learners with short but thorough topics that include all the information they need on the job.
  2. Task Assistance: Using task assistance, the user does not need to leave the page to access training. The step-by-step tooltips and walk-throughs are built-in and give the learner the opportunity to complete the process with helpful callouts.

The training content is also context sensitive to ensure we provide only the walk-through processes that are applicable for the area of the product the user is in at the time.

Furthermore, each in-app guide is personalized to the necessary learners by role, organization, or region to ensure users receive the information they need, when they need it.

The Results

With clear learning objectives and learning analytics, our team can track the effectiveness of our just-in-time learning. Our analytics go beyond the typical Customer Experience Survey (CES) Kinsey scale question about whether or not the customer is satisfied with the learning tool.

Using digital adoption tools like Pendo, we can tag features to collect the data we need to ensure our solutions are performing effectively for our customers. For example, when a new feature is released, our team creates an in-app tooltip, video and/or walk-through explaining how to use the new feature. We also set up conversion data to track whether the customer implemented the new feature after viewing the guide, or not.

Using just-in-time learning and learning analytics, we can discover the training content that is successful versus the content that could be removed. Our team works diligently to analyze the success of our in-app tools and help topics. We ensure training content is short and accessible to all users, to get them back to what matters most: the individuals in their care.

October 26, 2021