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People of PointClickCare: Alexandria Mader & Lisa Mianecki

Get ready for a special edition of the Life @ PointClickCare blog featuring the mother-daughter duo Alexandria Mader & Lisa Mianecki! Lisa and Alli have a unique story, so let’s dive in and get to know them.

Rapid Fire 🔥 

Describe yourself in three words:

  • Alli: Organized, Creative, Spontaneous
  • Lisa: Direct, Driven, Sarcastic

What is Your Favorite TV Show Right Now?

  • Alli: Modern Family–I’ve never watched it, now my boyfriend and I are binging it from the beginning!
  • Lisa: Yellowstone

Have you Ever Lived Abroad?

  • Alli: Nope, unless you count 17 years in Wisconsin moving to Florida. You could say that felt like a different country for a couple of years.
  • Lisa: No, but lived in six states and two of them multiple times.

If you Were to Write a Book, What Would it Be About?

  • Alli: I’m not quite sure; the only thing I could think of would be an autobiography. Not to sound conceited, but I think that’s something I could ramble on about enough to fill a book.
  • Lisa: Funny, short life stories. People I have met, dogs I have had, jobs I have worked, etc.

Would you Rather Travel to the Past or to the Future?

  • Alli: I would love to travel to the past. First, I would go to a Jimi Hendrix concert and second, immerse myself in the late ’90s, and early 2000s as an adult.
  • Lisa: I would rather travel to the future.

Journey to PointClickCare

Lisa is celebrating 10 years with PointClickCare this November and told us that her journey started as a customer. “Before I joined PointClickCare, I worked for one of our customers and I was in charge of the implementation of moving to PointClickCare and I really loved my implementer.”  

After this experience, Lisa knew she wanted to explore her options with PointClickCare. “I started as a PM in professional services, then went to Senior Project Manager and then Team Lead for the Senior Living new initiative and then finally went over to sales. I started there as a Pre-Implementation Consultant and then Senior Manager of Sales Support and since then I’ve turned a team of one into a team of eight.”

As you can imagine, we have Lisa to thank for Alli’s interest in PointClickCare. She says that even early on, she knew that PointClickCare was special. “My mom has talked so highly about this company that in high school I knew that’s where I wanted to start my career.” Her desire to join the company helped direct her course direction in college where she gained experience with medical billing and found it really interesting. “After college, I found out about the SDR position and I realized that I have done sales all throughout my life, but the practices were just applied in different ways in my experience with retail and small businesses. I knew that with the SDR role, there would be so much for me to learn regarding both sales and industry knowledge.”

It Really is a Family Business

We all know that PointClickCare was founded by two brothers with a dream of improving senior care. Many people have said that because of this, PointClickCare employees really feel like family. For Lisa and Alli, working together every day as mother and daughter is no exception. Lisa tells us not only has it been amazing to work with her daughter, but it has also reaffirmed why she loves the organization. “To see that my love and passion for the company was shared while she grew up and now gets to experience it herself is amazing. I loved being able to message Mike and Dave and tell them that my offspring has joined as well. I also love getting calls and messages from other people telling me how great she is.”

Alli tells us that even though she’s only been with the organization for a short time (celebrating one year this month!), “time really flies when you love what you do.” In her opinion, the alignment of mission and culture is an unbeatable combination. “I choose to work for PointClickCare because I believe in our mission. I see that our leadership team has compassion and values us as employees, and many companies aren’t like that.”

Helping Customers Achieve Success

Lisa and Alli both value the contribution they can make to the industry, and the professional growth that PointClickCare offers, and they both mentioned that helping customers is one of the most rewarding parts of the job.

Alli mentions that although sometimes it can be challenging to speak with prospects who aren’t sold on the software or are unsure of their needs, she says “once you give them the value prop that their missing out on, it is fireworks from there.” Lisa says she completely agrees with this statement and adds that “having a prospect in a discovery meeting realize that our EHR can solve a lot of the challenges their having and reduce stress on themselves and their team is incredibly rewarding.”  

Thank you to this amazing mother daughter duo for sharing your journey with us. We hope to have you both in our PointClickCare family forever!  

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September 20, 2022