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Gleb Gadyatskiy employee spotlight banner

Life @ PointClickCare:  Gleb Gadyatskiy

Introducing our latest nomination for the Life @ PointClickCare blog, Principal Engineer, Gleb Gadyatskiy! Gleb was nominated for demonstrating a passion for PointClickCare, a commitment to being a culture carrier, and a dedication to the development of world class products. Let’s learn more about Gleb.

Rapid Fire 🔥 

  • Describe yourself in 3 words: Calm, friendly, and optimistic
  • What is your favourite TV show and why? Not watching TV at all… I don’t even have a TV at home
  • If you could go back in time, where would you go and why? Judea 2000 years ago to see the real Bible story
  • What is your favourite sport? Tennis
  • Are you an early riser or a night owl? Early riser for sure

Activities and Interests

Since Gleb doesn’t have a TV, he has found many ways to occupy his time outside of work. Spending time with family is a main focus for him, but Gleb also has a voracious appetite for a variety of different activities and interests. In particular, he enjoys spending time participating in cooperative board games, Toastmasters, going camping and taking adventurous road-trips. When he isn’t busy with those things, he also likes to participate in live action role play games. “I am also a big fan of LARPG (Life Action Role Play Games) and many years ago I even participated in a LARPG about Lord of the Rings. These days, I’m more involved in tabletop cooperative games though, my favorite one is Zombicide.”

Journey to PointClickCare

Gleb has always been fascinated by electronics, but he recalls vividly the moment he realized his future was in software. “I’ve enjoyed electronics since my childhood, but one day I was reading a book about Boolean algebra and there was a description of Basic programming language at the end. That was the day the world of electronic lost me, but the world of IT found me.”

As for his journey to PointClickCare, Gleb says after confirming that software was his passion, he needed to find the right place that would allow him to use his skills to make a difference. After initially being contacted by PointClickCare via LinkedIn, Gleb decided to take a chance and go through the interview process. However, at first, he actually declined the initial offer, concluding that the office was too far away from home and the commute would be too much for him. “This was before we moved to the offices we are currently in, and it was by some miracle that same day I learned PointClickCare was moving offices closer to where I live. It was an incredible coincidence, too good to ignore, so I decided to accept and I have been grateful ever since that I did.”

Gleb’s nomination

Gleb was nominated because of his passion for PointClickCare, commitment to being a culture carrier, and his dedication to the development of world class products. When we asked him about this, he said he finds it easy to model the company’s values, because they are his values too. “I really like to help others, so I share PointClickCare core values and promote them where I can. Helping those caring for vulnerable populations is a no brainer, it’s just the right thing to do.”

Why Gleb loves PointClickCare

As a Principal Engineer, Gleb is a key contributor to the technology behind PointClickCare. The work his team does has a direct correlation to improving the care of millions, and he says that this technology is the reason he continues to choose PointClickCare. “I love that we are a high-tech company centered around helping seniors. Seeing the positive results of my work in the lives of others is the most rewarding part of the job. Being able to use technology to have a meaningful impact on others helps me to strengthen my own core values as well.” Since joining, Gleb has had many accomplishments, but he says the most significant one was the AOV (Audit-on-View) implementation. “AOV aggregates all logs from PointClickCare Core application for 7 years to allow Security and Engineers to search/retrieve logs up to 7 years back. This means that it is used by PointClickCare to document/audit user’s actions, sometimes for legal purposes, but also to ensure the best possible experience for our customers.”  

Thanks for sharing, Gleb!

June 1, 2022