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Life @ PointClickCare – Hailey Cortina

Attention social media fans! Have you ever wondered who’s behind the scenes creating magic on our social media channels? Well, you’re in luck because this Life @ PointClickCare is all about our Social Media Specialist, Hailey Cortina! Read her story to hear how Hailey quickly went from being a co-op to becoming an integral part of the PointClickCare family.

Rapid Fire 🔥

Favorite sport? I played volleyball 🏐in high school, but my favorite sport to watch is football #rolltide 🏈.

Favorite Christmas movie? Elf🎄 🍝 🍭 I have seen it so many times I can quote it and I love Will Ferrell.

Describe yourself in 3 words Organized, 📁 genuine, 💯 and sarcastic 🙃.

Favorite number and why? 11 because it’s the day of my birthday and I see the number 11 everywhere; it’s sort of freaky 👀.

Coffee or tea (or something else)? COFFEE☕ Must be iced though. For all my U.S. friends, I love Dunkin Donuts so much I even have a Dunks bathrobe!

Starting off right

For a recent grad, finding an organization where you can continually grow your skills in a comfortable, yet challenging environment is the goal. That’s why Hailey is happy to have found PointClickCare so early in her career. Joining PointClickCare right after graduation as a co-op on our Brand Communications team, Hailey was quick to dive right in and find her place. “I had just graduated college (The University of Alabama class of 2020) with a major in Marketing and a minor in Computing Technology and Applications, so I was super excited for this opportunity.”

She mentioned that being a co-op helped to solidify her positive experience with the organization as the community of fellow co-op’s provided a chance to connect with other recent or soon-to-be recent graduates. “My time as a co-op was amazing. Everyone was so welcoming; the onboarding was easy to follow, and I learned a ton about the company as well.” She also told us that even though she is remote, being a co-op really helped her to make connections throughout the organization. “During my last term as co-op, I was a part of the co-op student committee, and it was a joy to be part of that group. We met weekly to discuss different ways the co-ops could interact with each other and hosted lunches and online games too. We also hosted coffee connects which were a great way to meet people as well.”

Social Media Savvy

During her co-op terms, Hailey became particularly interested in the social media aspect of Brand Communications and quickly became the go-to guru for all things social. When we asked her what she loves most about social media, she said the most interesting part of it is how the channels themselves and social trends are constantly evolving and allowing for creativity and innovation. “For example, something could be a trend one day and then the next it could be totally gone. This might seem frustrating to some, but it’s an opportunity to innovate and pivot plans quickly to incorporate new trends and functions and always provide our network with the best content possible.”

She also mentioned that the social aspect of it, and how it is integral to everyone’s lives in one way or another, is fascinating. “Looking at our network of followers and the statistics behind our social media channels, it’s interesting to me to see how many people use social media; it becomes a part of our daily lives, and it can be used in different ways, and best of all, it’s now my job too.”

Hailey also told us her job is incredibly rewarding as she can see the impact she can have on others through social media. “The most rewarding part of my job is seeing what happens “behind the scenes”. For example, seeing our customers in assisted living, decorating pumpkins, painting, celebrating birthdays, or doing workout classes brightens up my day. It is also nice knowing that I can bring a smile to someone’s face with our social posts.”

Culture is a must

Like many recent grads, Hailey knew that she wanted to join an organization with a corporate culture that promoted diversity and inclusion as well as a work-life balance. “One of my favorite things about the company is the culture. When I first joined, I felt like I had been here for a while because everyone was so nice and welcomed me to the PointClickCare family. I think it’s important to work at a place where being unique and true to yourself is okay and here at PointClickCare everyone is very accepting and encourage you to be yourself. I also love working for a company that is inclusive and embraces diversity, it is so important today and I appreciate this organization playing a big part.”

Part of the culture that can make-or-break your experience with an organization is your team, and Hailey told us it is because of her team that she has been able to grow personally and professionally at PointClickCare.“I absolutely love my team and am so happy to work with such dedicated, hard-working individuals that truly want everyone to succeed and be their best self. My team is the reason why I am excited to work at PointClickCare every day, they support me in so many ways, make me laugh everyday (even when I’m having a bad day) and are true inspirations.”

Advice to future co-ops  

Hailey’s advice to future co-ops and other potential new hires is to not be afraid of trying something new. “Going into this co-op, I had limited experience with social media, and I am beyond appreciative that PointClickCare believed in me and gave me the opportunity to learn and grow within the company.”

She also said that it’s important to ask questions. “Do not be afraid to ask questions! My team members must have been sick of the number of questions I asked daily, but I am so thankful for their help as they helped me grow professionally and personally.” Lastly, as a co-op and a remote employee, Hailey found the virtual groups and meetups put on by PointClickCare particularly helpful. “I would also suggest getting involved as much as possible, being remote it is hard to meet people so joining the coffee connects or a lunch and learn is a great way to meet colleagues and learn more about what they do within the company.”

Thanks for sharing, Hailey!

December 10, 2021