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Kelly Rocha headshot for Employee Spotlight banner

Life @ PointClickCare: Kelly Rocha

Another one of our incredible colleagues, Kelly Rocha, was recently nominated to be featured in the Life @ PointClickCare series. As Sr. Product Leader, Insights, Kelly is an instrumental member of our team who has been with the organization for 17 years (she says it’s her second longest relationship other than marriage!) Read her story to hear all about her journey to PointClickCare, and why she loves it now more than ever.

About Kelly

Let’s get to know the real Kelly with a few rapid-fire questions!

  • What is your most used emoji?  😊 
  • What was your favourite subject in school? Language arts (English) 
  • If you had to eat one thing for every meal going forward, what would you eat? Cheese 
  • Describe yourself in 3 words? Honest, passionate, tenacious 
  • Where is your happy place? I have two. Portugal and Sauble Beach. I love being near water, silence, and nature. Some people may read this and say “Really?” but it’s true; I am an introvert at heart.  

Her journey at PointClickCare

When Kelly first started with PointClickCare 17 years ago, her role was much different. “When I first started, I was the second Help Desk person. In my nearly four years in support, the department grew to about 10 people, and the Technical Account Manager (TAM) positioned was pioneered. Seeing the support team grow over the years has been amazing. In 2008 I moved over to product and have had many different titles within this department as it has evolved and appropriately defined the seats on the bus. I was also a Development Manager at one point, a role now held only by engineers, which I am not.”

As one of our longest standing colleagues, Kelly has truly seen the evolution of PointClickCare. She says that the most notable by far is the tremendous growth of the organization. “I feel privileged to be a part of this organization for so long and I continue to be in awe of everything we have accomplished.”

Why she chooses PointClickCare

Kelly tells us that when she started at PointClickCare, she had no idea how much she would grow to love the organization. “It started out as a job closer to home but the mission, our founders’ commitment and passion for the cause, our fantastic customers, and my colleagues are what keep me here.”

In fact, she says she is so close with her colleagues, she refers to hem as her ‘work family’. “I know it sounds weird, but I love the people I work with. So many of my relationships with colleagues have transcended work and evolved into true friendships where we talk about each other’s kids, remember birthdays, and see each other outside of work.”  She also says that during interviews for new team members, she makes sure to tell prospective teammates how much of a family it is at PointClickCare. “We really are a family, admittedly sometimes dysfunctional but I can truthfully say I have been blessed to have crossed paths with so many phenomenal people at PointClickCare, especially Mike and Dave.” 

For Kelly, knowing that we make a difference, whether it’s the software or delivering PPE to our customers, is the best reward she could have asked for. “PointClickCare really cares about people. Knowing that what I work on helps facilitate someone’s job is constantly rewarding. PointClickCare’s solutions allow our customers to spend more time with their residents and help them to care for them more effectively and make informed decisions that result in better outcomes. The impact we have on our customers continually reinforces why I love working here.”

Kelly’s Nomination

The person who nominated Kelly, Jay Mehta, told us that she is someone who always keeps the morale of the team up, even when facing issues. He also said she is the perfect example of PointClickCare being like a family because she really cares about our customers and always wants to deliver the best products to them.

When we asked Kelly what drives her dedication to serving our customers, she told us it links back to her past experience with the company. “I am and always have been a strong customer advocate. I guess it stems from my days providing support. When you get to know your customers, what bugs them, and what makes them happy, you understand what they need in order to be successful and that’s what you strive for – customer satisfaction. Our customers have done so much for me, from teaching me more about the industry and showing me how they apply our solutions to their everyday tasks. To me, they are more than customers, they are people I care about. At PointClickCare, our customers are our backbone of everything we do and it’s important to me that we can provide them value and treat them as people first.”  

Thanks for sharing with us, Kelly!

August 30, 2021