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Life @ PointClickCare: Limin Lu

Introducing our latest nomination for the Life @ PointClickCare blog, one of our talented and amazing Test Engineers, Limin Lu! Since joining us in 2011, Limin has grown a lot, personally and professionally, and says that her love for PointClickCare also continues to grow each day. Let’s get to know Limin with some rapid-fire questions.

Rapid Fire 🔥 

Describe Yourself in Three Words: Optimistic, Persistent, Curious

Sunrise or Sunset? I like both. Maybe a little bit more of sunrise?

What’s Your Favorite Color? Blue; It’s the color of sea and sky. I use a lot of blue in my paintings.

If you Could Be any Animal, What Would it Be? An eagle, I can fly in freedom—explore the world.

Are you More of an Introvert or an Extrovert? –Maybe mixed? I’m very open and relaxed with my friends, but I can be shy when I am meeting new people and take a long time to become friends.

Creativity and Continued Learning

Limin loves to try new activities and expand her ever-growing list of hobbies and interests. She told us that before the pandemic, some of her interests outside of work included, “traveling, hiking, singing, Zumba dancing, Ping Pong, swimming, and knitting.” However, Since the pandemic, she also has added some new hobbies that keep her active and continue to cultivate her creative side. “In the last few years, I have started to do watercolor painting, I am learning Spanish, and I have also taken up kayaking. I like to keep busy and continue to learn new things and be creative.”

Finding her Place at PointClickCare

Before migrating to Canada in 2005, Limin was a college teacher and software developer in China. She told us that at first, it was difficult for her to find work in Canada because she was still learning English. She says once she started working in her chosen field again, and found PointClickCare, everything changed. “I still remember my first and second interviews at PointClickCare in 2011, and the interviewers. I feel blessed and very thankful for them as they gave me the opportunity to work at PointClickCare. Since then, I have loved working at PointClickCare and I’m hoping I can stay here until retire.”

Being Part of a Team

One of Limin’s favorite things about PointClickCare are the people she gets to work with each day. She says that in all her time here, it’s the personal connections she values the most. “I’ve worked with six different teams and became friends with most of the co-workers along the way. I have also enjoyed partnering with some of my colleagues to organize Chinese New Year celebrations in 2013-2020.”

Limin also mentioned that working at PointClickCare has helped her build her confidence as she continues to expand her skillset and take part in new projects with her team. “Working at PointClickCare, I have gained my self-confidence, it has made me feel that I am valued and a contributor to the team. Every day I continue to grow here, and it has made me very happy with who I am.”

Achieving Work/Life Balance

Limin told us that at first, she sought out PointClickCare based on its location (and the proximity to her house!), but now, after years of working here and making friends to last a lifetime, she couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. “My co-workers make PointClickCare another home for me. We really care about each other and everyone is always willing to help one another.”

She also says that the organization’s work hard, play harder mentality, resonates with her, and allows her to achieve a healthy work/life balance. “I appreciate that at PointClickCare, I can concentrate on my work, contribute my intelligence, and best of all, have fun at work.” For Limin, working for an organization that values its culture helps her to prioritize balance in her own life. “Continuing education, professional growth, value of benefits, these are all built into the organizations culture, which helps me to truly feel that I can have work/life balance.”

Thanks for sharing with us, Limin!

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August 29, 2022