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Stanley Wong headshot

People of PointClickCare: Stan Wang

Another one of our incredible colleagues was nominated by his peers to be featured in our Life @ PointClickCare Series. We are honoured to introduce Stan Wang, an engaging and knowledgeable Data Science Manager who has been with us for the last five years.

Let’s start off by getting to know Stan with some rapid-fire questions.

Rapid Fire 🔥 

  • Favorite Movie?   I don’t have an all-time favorite movie, but one of the movies I really enjoyed recently was Parasite. I was thrilled when it won Best Picture at the Oscars in 2020. 
  • Guilty pleasure?  I love watching reality competition shows. My favorites are Survivor, MTV’s The Challenge, and Big Brother. 
  • Describe yourself in 3 words?  Over-analyzer, risk-adverse, loyal.
  • Who would you invite to a dinner party alive or dead and why?  This is a tough question and I probably would answer it differently every day. One person I would love to invite to a dinner party today is Jeremy Lin. He is the first Asian-American basketball player to play in the NBA. The reason I would want to chat with him is to hear his story about how he was able to succeed in an environment where Asians generally don’t succeed. I would apply his lessons learned and see how it could apply to my life to see how I can continue to succeed as a minority in America. 
  • Favorite sport?  My favorite sport to play is basketball, but my favorite sports to watch are college football (I’m an Ohio State alum, GO BUCKS!) and the NBA. 
  • Are you a morning person or a night person?  I am definitely a night-owl.

Data Scientist in the making

As some people may know, the field of data science has gained popularity in the past decade or so, making it relatively new for those who practice. For Stan, this wasn’t where he started his career, but he is confident it is where he belongs. “Growing up, I wanted to be video game programmer, which is why I got an undergraduate degree in computer science. After graduation, I knew I didn’t love programming, but I knew I enjoyed doing something with numbers. Because of that, I went to graduate school for a master’s degree in actuarial science, and later on got a second master’s degree in statistics. It was during that time I was hired as a research analyst for a post-acute analytics company, which got me introduced to the long-term care industry, as well as PointClickCare. After almost 10 years at my previous company, I had the opportunity to join PointClickCare in 2016 and haven’t looked back since.”

Choosing PointClickCare

Over the past five years, Stan has witnessed big changes at PointClickCare, with the biggest being the expansion of our customer base.

“When I started, PointClickCare was seen as the gorilla in the skilled nursing space. Now, we’ve expanded to include assisted living and, with the acquisition of Collective Medical, the acute and payer space. With these expansions, we can provide more patient-driven analytics as individuals move across the continuum of care.” Stan also mentioned that one of the reasons he loves working at PointClickCare is our commitment to innovation and growth. “PointClickCare doesn’t settle for being a leader in the industry. The company continues to look for new opportunities to grow, which means the analytics I provide will continue to impact many people. I also appreciate how PointClickCare is continually evolving its culture to support a healthy work/life balance for its employees and offers support for social justice.” 

Stan’s advice for future PointClickCare employees

Stan also shared his number one piece of advice for new employees is to seek out a mentor. “Given how large our company has grown, and especially with the pandemic, people can feel isolated much more easily. My advice is to find someone more knowledgeable than you and absorb any information they’re able to share.” 

Stan also wanted new and prospective employees to know that ‘I don’t know’ is a valid answer. “In my experience, it’s better to admit you don’t know something and spend the time to look it up afterwards rather than make up an incorrect answer on the spot, which could result in bigger issues later. Saying ‘I don’t know’ is a learning experience, and we should never be ashamed to learn something new.”

Stan’s Nomination

Alexis Aipperspach nominated Stan due to his ability to comprehend data analytics and masterful knack for making complex figures consumable through everyday language.  When asked about this talent, Stan remarked that it is an amazing compliment, as he knows numbers can be overwhelming for some people. 

“Most people just want to know what action items are needed. I feel like part of my job is not only to produce analytics, but also to help highlight the areas that are most insightful and help others understand what they might be able to do with the results.”

Thanks for sharing with us, Stan!

September 30, 2021