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People of PointClickCare: Andrea Khan

Introducing Andrea Khan, PointClickCare’s results-oriented Manager of Talent Development. Andrea specializes in aligning talent strategies with organizational objectives to drive PointClickCare’s success, and she’s passionate about creating a culture of learning and growth while doing it. In this article, we’ll learn more about Andrea’s journey and what she values most about working at PointClickCare.

Rapid Fire 🔥

  • Describe yourself in 3 words: Compassionate, Curious, Growth-Focused.
  • If you were to write a book, what would it be about? A book of my family recipes as a tribute to the love my mother passed down through her cooking.
  • Would you rather travel to the past or the future? I’d like to glimpse into the future to observe the changes in the world and hopefully see more peace than we have right now. 
  • What is one subject you want to learn more about? Design Thinking! In the face of disruptive technologies, it’s going to be very important to adopt ways of thinking that help us quickly innovate.

Journey to PointClickCare

Andrea’s journey to PointClickCare began when a former colleague shared an open position. Upon researching the business and learning more about PointClickCare’s mission, she loved that it aligned with her desire to make a difference in the world and felt it was the perfect fit for her career. ”PointClickCare’s dedication to professional growth, coupled with its strong brand recognition and positive word-of-mouth, perfectly aligns with my passion for assisting others in unlocking their full potential,” she shared.

Most Rewarding Part of the Job

Being part of an organization that prioritizes employee investment is something Andrea values deeply. Some of the most fulfilling aspects of her role involve designing training programs, personalizing development plans, and spearheading the Career Compass Program which fosters internal mobility and cultivates a culture of learning. “The most gratifying aspect of my job is the opportunity to actively contribute to propelling individuals to unlock their hidden potential. It is my passion,” she said.

Andrea takes pride in being part of an organization making a tangible difference in people’s lives. She explained, “It’s about creating meaningful and positive change for a demographic that deserves the utmost care and support.”

On Leadership

“Selflessness in leadership creates a ripple effect of positive outcomes,” she shared. “A leader’s willingness to prioritize the needs of their team not only cultivates a sense of unity but also builds trust and loyalty.” Andrea believes that, when a leader prioritizes the needs of the team, team members will feel encouraged to collaborate and inspired to pay it forward.

As a leader herself, empathy is at the center of Andrea’s management style. “I value connecting with people to understand their perspectives and needs. By listening and sharing, we develop trust and collaboratively generate innovative ideas in pursuit of our shared goals,” she explained.

Off the Clock

Outside of work, Andrea finds joy in various activities. She enjoys volunteering as a Career Coach for Dress for Success and as a Girls E-Mentor. “It is a privilege to give back to others some of the encouragement I received early in my career,” she said. Andrea is also a self-proclaimed reality TV show junkie and maintains a steady Yin yoga practice. Recently, she’s even joined a PointClickCare bootcamp led by PointClickCare alumni Nalini to accomplish her fitness goals.

Thank you, Andrea, for sharing with us!

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February 20, 2024