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How the Intersection of Technology and Data Will Drive Healthcare Change

From a data perspective, the long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) community has been a virtual blackhole for decades.

And the research that is conducted in this space has historically been dictated by information gleaned from claims data, datasets that represent an incomplete snapshot of this population.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

With PointClickCare Life Sciences, researchers gain a novel dataset that enables them to view longitudinal, outcomes-based data that provides unique insights into outcomes for different therapies and disease areas in the senior population.

Real-World Data Yields Real-World Evidence

As the leading electronic health record (EHR) technology partner to North America’s LTPAC and senior care industry, PointClickCare technology reaches 1.4+ million active residents and 21k+ senior care facilities in North America daily.

And while other EHR datasets may seem similar, here’s how our real-world data differentiates:

  • Adherence to medication prescriptions approaching 100% compliance
  • All medication administration performed by registered nurses
  • Extensive longitudinal patient records that can be measured in months or years, in many cases
  • All co-morbidities, daily health outcomes, daily vitals, and activities of daily living (ADLs)
  • Industry-wide, standardized assessment protocols provide health outcome information for every patient in the dataset
  • Available in near-real time on an ongoing basis, so patients can be followed during their disease progression for the remainder of their stay
  • Over six million patient journeys available for historical research
  • Perspective data capture and embedded protocols available through our software platform

While the dataset itself is unique due to the sheer volume of outcomes data, it also contains critical elements that can reveal how medications work in the real world and act as a weathervane for future population benefits.

Today’s Data for Tomorrow’s Care

As the only EHR dataset able to track an individual on a multiyear course and display data points on disease progression, we are in a unique position to help life sciences companies drastically improve the way they study the LTPAC population.

Through unique insights into data, technology for disease management, and unification of the life sciences community and LTPAC providers, we can dramatically improve both the quality of care and life for all.

And as our capabilities continue to advance, we are able to identify genetic markers with specific drugs and therapies, resulting in a more targeted, individualized approach to care.

And it is this approach to care—one that is fueled by anonymized data—that will drive healthcare change for the greater population.

To learn more about how our unique datasets drive healthcare innovation

June 23, 2022