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How Real-World Evidence Completes the Patient Narrative and Drives Innovation

For decades, healthcare has been riddled with blind spots that result in negative compromised outcomes.

This lack of visibility creates vulnerabilities, particularly when a patient leaves the hospital.

While payer and claims data offer treatment information, actual outcomes are challenging to document.

However, with access to unparalleled amounts of rich electronic health record (EHR) data, life sciences companies can explore the tangible benefits of their therapies, gaining a holistic view of the patient narrative for the first time in the history of care.

Outcomes-Based Evidence

With coverage approaching 70% of the LTPAC market, PointClickCare is uniquely positioned to provide life sciences companies with outcomes-based evidence.

Here’s how:

  • Extensive longitudinal patient records due to longer length of stays
  • All co-morbidities, daily health outcomes, and activities of daily living (ADLs)
  • Monthly Minimum Dataset (MDS) assessments

By equipping life sciences companies with this outcomes-based information, organizations gain an unobstructed view of the impact their therapeutics have on individuals in the long-term, rather than just in immediate treatment space.

Tomorrow’s Therapies Today

Richer data enables life sciences companies to deliver products to market faster than ever before.

Our data will accelerate innovation in this space in three key ways:

  • Analysis of rich datasets allow life sciences companies to bypass placebo-based double-blind clinical trials by conducting retrospective studies
  • Evidence-based outcomes enable life sciences companies to see the impact of therapeutics beyond treatment, eliminating the need for lengthy clinical trials
  • Connecting pharma companies to EHR systems allow caregivers direct access to specified treatment plans, directly targeting care and improving outcomes 

While innovation is always exciting, the potential for PointClickCare to play a small part in innovating therapies that will be gamechangers for our patient population is truly rewarding.

To learn more about how real-world evidence can help you develop pragmatic clinical trials

May 17, 2022