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Achieve Real Interoperability with Marketplace

Healthcare organizations are innovating rapidly, implementing new workflows and technology to improve agility and efficacy.  

Despite this rapid innovation, new point solutions don’t always work together seamlessly.

Interoperability and integration are vital to streamlining systems, closing gaps in care, and improving clinical decision-making.

We know that patients receive care in multiple settings, so integrating data across the care continuum is essential to driving the best possible outcomes.

Having the right integrations empowers caregivers to streamline patient workflows, improve overall efficiency, and deliver the best patient care. 

Integrated Solutions for the Senior Care Continuum

PointClickCare’s Marketplace is a critical tool in the effort to achieve interoperability.


Our Marketplace has more than 210 partners making it the largest ecosystem of integrated partner solutions available for the senior care continuum.

  • We offer 20 use case categories with 30 sub-categories among them.
  • 61% of PointClickCare customers have enabled integrations through Marketplace.
  • More than 10,000 facilities have activated at least one partner integration, with 6,500 facilities having activated two or more.
  • PointClickCare Marketplace partner integrations support a broad range of customer needs, including:
    • Admissions management
    • Care coordination
    • Physician services
    • Resident tracking
    • Telehealth
    • Workforce management
  • Integrations can be deployed rapidly, seamlessly connecting with a provider’s current workflow.

Navigate Changing Environments with Ease

Having easy access to a wide array of interoperable solutions not only enables care organizations to deliver on the promise of exceptional cross-continuum care, but also reduces costs.

Studies show that standardized, encoded, electronic healthcare information exchanges can save the U.S. healthcare system as much as $78 billion every year.

With the senior care industry evolving at a record pace, providers need deep insights and practical solutions to help them navigate rapidly changing environments and nuanced challenges.

Ultimately, this will result in improved patient care and experiences, reduction in errors, increased efficiency, and enhanced referral processes.

To learn more about Marketplace and explore the solutions available

March 4, 2022