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man holding tablet with PointClickCare Marketplace homepage on it

The New PointClickCare Marketplace — Partnerships You Can Trust

Today, more and more data is being stored electronically, which can be incredibly useful — assuming, of course, that it is accessible. Healthcare organizations and senior living communities appreciate being able to retrieve patients’ and residents’ information quickly — but that appreciation can quickly turn into frustration when systems aren’t working correctly. When we enable our data to work for us, rather than frustrate us, we will have unlocked some of life’s greatest mysteries.

PointClickCare is the leading electronic health records (EHR) platform for long-term and post-acute care providers. Senior living facilities, retirement communities, skilled nursing facilities, and home health care organizations depend on us to manage their data, ensuring that their healthcare providers are able to access the information they need, when they need it, to deliver the best care possible.

That’s where PointClickCare Marketplace comes in. This interface is the one-stop-shop for viewing all the apps that integrate seamlessly with PointClickCare. Providers can see all the options available to them in one place — from outside apps and services to PointClickCare services (such as meal planning and activities calendars within a senior living facility). Providers can feel confident that any app or service they see in the Marketplace will automatically work within their existing PointClickCare set-up, which takes a load off their mind. Then, instead of investing valuable time and resources into trying to make their technology work correctly, they can focus on the most important part of their work — taking care of their patients and residents.

Meanwhile, third-party app and service vendors who partner with PointClickCare to have their products listed in the Marketplace can be sure that the increased exposure will help them grow their business. PointClickCare has a wide customer base and being listed as a certified app or service can provide a significant boost to an organization that wants to expand its reach. One of the most challenging barriers facing vendors is the problem of interoperability — being able to easily exchange information with other systems. If an app is difficult to integrate within a given EHR platform, it doesn’t have much of a chance of growing. If, on the other hand, an app integrates effortlessly with the host platform, it can flourish.

We expect technology to work for us without any problems. When there are issues, we wonder why someone else hasn’t already figured out the solution. In the PointClickCare Marketplace, someone else already has determined the solution — and has taken the time necessary to make sure your apps and services work for you, every time. With PointClickCare as your technology partner, you have a wealth of possibilities available to seamlessly extend your technical capabilities.

Are you still wondering about how you can unlock that big mystery known as healthcare data? You don’t have to do it by yourself. You can bring in partners — such as PointClickCare — to do the heavy lifting for you.

October 9, 2018