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A nurse with PPE using the Cliniconex solution on a smart phone to stay connected but from a distance

Cliniconex: Keeping You Connected From a Distance

In Senior Living, social distancing isn’t just keeping your distance. Communities are finding that in order to keep residents and families informed of the new changes, they need to modify all of their operations to adjust and adapt to the new normal.

What does this mean for residents and families?

Social distancing requires families and loved ones to keep their physical distance, however, during times of crisis, outbreak, or emergency, families need more communication than ever and require immediate up-to-date notifications to ensure their loved ones are safe.

What does this mean for Senior Living staff?

Emergency information, such as outbreaks or evacuations, need to be conveyed as quickly as possible and this level of communication can be difficult for staff to maintain in addition to their regular tasks, especially during an outbreak. Senior Living communities need to find a solution to keep everyone connected.

So how can Senior Living communities keep up? And how can families know their loved ones are safe? New technology can be a huge time saver and help keep everyone connected.

Our partner, Cliniconex, created an application that enables community administrators to initiate one-to-many notifications within seconds to target resident family contacts of a specific unit and/or community. Cliniconex applies pre-established corporate branding and workflow rules to send messages to contacts stored in your EHR via voice, text, or email (according to family contact preferences). This allows Senior Living staff to contact all affected resident families within minutes, ensuring the timely delivery of critical information, adding little to no extra work for staff. The service also allows families to confirm receipt of the message or request a callback.

With its Automated Care Messaging, Cliniconex improves communication by eliminating repetitive time-consuming tasks and allows nursing staff to focus on what matters most: caring for your loved ones.

Cliniconex also increases family engagement while maintaining a safe distance.The application keeps families informed of their loved one’s upcoming medical appointments, care plan reviews, and social events with proactive push notifications to their preferred devices. These extra communications are critical for families to maintain a relationship of trust and confidence with the care team. It also reduces inbound requests and alleviates stress caused by lack of information on both ends. With the right tools in place, proactive communication becomes easy to plan and execute, helping everyone to communicate better and feel a bit more at ease during these uncertain times.CTA

Learn more about Cliniconex and how you can stay connected from a distance.

August 5, 2020