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How Data is Driving Senior Living Success

In the current age of technology, the senior living industry is changing and we are continually hearing a lot more about data as it relates to management. With the tools to track and measure costs and outcomes, senior living providers have access to new data every day, and plenty of it. Because of this, senior living providers are doing things differently. While quality of care is still paramount, those that are gaining success over their competition attribute much of that success, to their tracking of metrics across their organizations. Therefore, it is what managers choose to do with the data they have that will ultimately make the biggest difference to their organization.

We want to empower you to make better business decisions with your data. That’s why we partnered with Senior Housing News to create visibility into the important work many of the industry’s current leaders are undertaking to solve business challenges by leveraging technology. Our eBook, “How Data is Driving Senior Living Success”, examines how data is being used, what data is being used, and why data is being used by the leading senior living organizations.

In this eBook, top leaders discuss how the focus on data is increasing in senior living, enabling operators to measure different data points across the organization. Operators are now collecting data across the board and using it for resident outcomes, not just operations. One way they are collecting data is through electronic health records (EHRs).  With this information, organizations who are actively enhancing their care services will have a stronger healthcare focus than those senior living operators who prefer to stay more hospital oriented. Thus, the providers who are looking to enhance will gain the greatest benefit from EHR data and be able to:

  • Identify issues with care or staff
  • Predict and prevent negative health events
  • Keep family members updated and ensure peace of mind with care delivery

By enhancing the data going into the system, organizations are creating more efficient reports and thus, generating better insights that will allow them to improve resident outcomes. Collecting these data points will also better position their organizations within the care continuum.

Want to learn more? Download the eBook now to learn how you too can use the power of data to elevate the success of your community.

February 5, 2019