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A man waiting for an interview for the blog post about attracting the right staff upfront to avoid costly turnover

Attract the Right Staff Upfront to Avoid Costly Turnover

Staff turnover: two of the most dreaded words in the senior living industry, and one of the pains of modern operations that providers are striving to prevent.

Naturally, one of the best ways to avoid staff turnover is to hire employees who are genuinely excited to work for your organization — and who have all the skills and qualifications that their new jobs will require.

That’s not to say finding these employees is a simple task. In a recent survey, 84% of LeadingAge members indicated that identifying an adequate number of qualified applicants for senior living job vacancies is a challenge for their organization.

Still, focusing on attracting the right candidates is crucial to the success of a senior living community. It’s especially important today, as the industry has to attract more than 1.2 million additional employees by 2025.

Most operators are aware of the undertaking ahead of them and made recruiting and onboarding quality workers one of their main focuses this year. At the same time, they’re aiming to decrease staff turnover, which, if not properly managed, can prove costly in more ways than one.

Less Staff Turnover = Happier Residents
When senior living employees leave their communities to pursue other opportunities, it takes the community’s money, as well as other employees’ time, to find and train their replacements. In that way, turnover negatively impacts a community’s finances.

Employee turnover affects residents too. It can be disorienting, and disheartening, when well-loved caregivers leave, as the relationships between residents and their caregivers can have a meaningful impact on a resident’s experience.

Creating a great resident experience shouldn’t be taken lightly. In many cases, a community’s most reliable source of referrals is its current resident base. If residents are enjoying their time in a community, chances are their family and friends will hear about it — and their family and friends will, too. With any luck, some of these people will be considering a move into senior housing — and all of a sudden, the community they’ve heard glowing things about will top their list.

What this also means is if a current resident is upset that their favorite caregivers keep leaving, family and friends will hear about it too. Not a ringing endorsement for your community. To prevent staff turnover from negatively impacting your community, it’s essential to always hire staff that will meet your needs.

Use the Power of Purpose
When staff members have a better understanding of how their role is contributing to the bigger picture of delivering an exceptional resident experience, they’re more invested. Unlocking the power of purpose in your employees will increase their investment in your organization, which reduces turnover.

Learn how to leverage this strategy in your organization by reading How to Create a Clear Sense of Purpose for Your Employees.

February 16, 2018