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A women smiles while using PointClickCare software on a tablet

How to Save Time and Stay Compliant with Integrated Senior Living State Forms

State-required documentation is a challenge but meeting the requirements doesn’t have to be.

PointClickCare’s Senior Living Solution eliminates the hassle and helps organizations stay compliant with our built-in access to necessary state forms. It contains a library of more than 125 state-mandated forms for senior living, and other government forms including mental health assessments which are required in some memory care settings. This is just the beginning for the Senior Living Solution, with many more forms to become available in the coming months.

With the help of our Senior Living Technology Platform, your staff will produce consistent, complete, and compliant documentation. All assessments in PointClickCare can trigger service plan items, additional assessments, scoring and tasks for documentation, right at the point of care.

The platform can make workflows more efficient in a number of ways, including:

  • Auto-populating forms with data from the PointClickCare system wherever possible
  • Adding all appropriate forms to each resident’s file
  • Printing forms in the state-mandated format on plain paper
  • Consistently monitoring state licensure and Medicaid sites, automatically updating the forms as necessary

It offers immediate benefits, including reduced redundancy in data entry, fewer paperwork errors, improved compliance, and significant time savings. PointClickCare’s Senior Living Solution allows users to remove the state forms hassle from their “to do” list.

Want to drive success in your organization? Connect with us to learn how you can streamline your compliance processes.

September 11, 2019