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Linda Bennett, COO of Oaks Senior Living

Increasing Employee Engagement with PointClickCare

Senior living communities continue to face tight budgets and an increasingly competitive market. Improving residents’ care is critical to an organizations’ bottom line, and it starts with increasing employee engagement and enabling staff to spend less time on paper work and more time with residents.

Partnering with PointClickCare

Oaks Senior Living, an organization with 9 communities in Georgia, was anxious to move from a paper-based environment to an integrated technology platform, but they found what they needed in PointClickCare Senior Living solution. The organization streamlined all of its processes, including resident inquiries, care services delivery, and billing, allowing staff to spend less time worrying about documentation and compliance, and more time with residents.

“We’re all about people not paper. PointClickCare has fine-tuned everything for us and made us more efficient and better able to serve our residents. To be able to do a good job and engage our residents, keep them happy and with us, and have more move in, then we have to spend time with them. PointClickCare has enabled us to do that,” says Gail Lancaster, Executive Director of Oaks Senior Living.

Simplifying Your Processes

The PointClickCare Senior Living solution simplifies the planning process and provides better forecasting for staff.

“There are reports we have to run to know what’s going on in our communities, and we’re able to get the data we need all with just one system. We can go on the dashboard and easily find out what the census is, what’s being billed, who’s going out for a doctor’s appointment, who went to the hospital, and our state reportables. PointClickCare has really made a difference in both our satisfaction and our customers’ satisfaction,” says Oaks Senior Living’s COO, Linda Bennett.

With an integrated platform, Oaks Senior Living can now keep pace with the changing demands of the competitive senior living market. The PointClickCare Senior Living solution is helping the organization gain efficiencies today, while also providing a scalable, flexible foundation that will adapt as the organization continues to grow.

“The technology that PointClickCare places at our fingertips is really helpful in making sure that our residents and staff are cared for and satisfied. We can analyze the data that PointClickCare gives us in seconds. When you have happy residents and happy staff, your bottom line will show it. You will capture the revenue you need,” says Andrew Greeson, Director of Operations at Oaks Senior Living at Hampton.

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To learn more about how Oaks Senior Living is benefiting from the PointClickCare Senior Living solution check out the video below.

August 21, 2019