An illustration for malnutrition in senior care

Malnutrition is Causing More Than Hunger Pains in Skilled Nursing

Proper nutrition is one of the biggest contributors to a resident’s overall health, yet providers are still struggling to prevent malnutrition, dehydration, and weight loss in their residents. Not only can this result in a negative experience for residents, but it could result in increased hospital re-admissions or a penalty for the facility.

Even though state requirements for licensing of skilled nursing facilities (SNF) mandate a minimum level of coverage, it varies depending on the state. This leaves little time to address any nutrition problems that are identified, and almost no time for providing oversight of the food and nutrition services.

Learn what the three leading causes of malnutrition in long-term care include, and how industry experts are tackling the challenge, by reading our infographic below.

malnutrition_nutrition management infographic

May 31, 2017