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The Benefits of Collaborative Infection Tracking & Reporting

Identifying, managing, and reporting infections has never been more important. This is true in all healthcare environments but is particularly critical in senior care.

Unfortunately, many facilities continue to use manual processes to track and analyze infections, resulting in the preventable spread of disease, noncompliance with industry regulations, and financial setbacks. Manual not only take extensive time and resources, but also makes detecting and correctly correlating the symptoms of infections more challenging.

Moving forward, it’s crucial that senior living facilities develop and implement an ongoing infection prevention and control program to recognize, prevent and control the onset and spread of infection – for residents as well as for staff, volunteers, and visitors.

Early-Stage Detection, Control, & Prevention

Automation can help immensely with early-stage detection, infection control and implementation of prevention plans. PointClickCare’s Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) solution is a clinical workflow that empowers skilled nursing facilities and senior living communities to do just that. With ongoing surveillance, providers have a central location to effectively manage infection cases and easily view all supporting documents related to the infection. In fact, since its release, 2,800+ skilled nursing facilities in the U.S. have adopted IPC to manage and track 36,000+ infections and counting.

Empower Your Care Team

Enhanced visibility into critical resident data empowers the care team to take necessary action on infections and make informed care decisions in the moment. Paper and pen tracking, or even Excel-based tracking, is cumbersome and doesn’t provide patterns based on historical data, which can increase providers’ awareness and understanding of infection cases. By following best practices built into the IPC workflow, facilities can lay the foundation for better resident outcomes.

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November 29, 2022