Infection Prevention & Control

Infection Prevention and Control is a clinical workflow and intelligence solution that empowers skilled nursing facilities and senior living communities to identify, manage, and report infections in real time.

Detect Infections Accurately and Early

Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) accelerates your clinical team’s ability to find and respond to infection. When infections are suspected, Infection Prevention and Control generates cases automatically based on the results of a respiratory screening tool. Or, your care staff can create new cases leveraging existing EHR records. A centralized, easily accessible interactive daily dashboard and a visual indicator on resident records highlights symptomatic cases or confirmed infections. Infection Prevention and Control also lets your care team attach evaluations, labs, and treatment orders to a case, so treatment information for each resident is collected, visible and updated all in one place.

Increase Awareness and Understanding of Infection Cases

Thanks to early awareness and identification of infection cases, your Infection Preventionist has a better understanding of the collected infection information and can make informed decisions about how to proceed. Infection Prevention and Control helps you communicate important insights and evidence-based recommendations – such as clinical interventions, isolation procedures, and changes to personal protective equipment – to clinical and non-clinical teams.

Facilitate Infection Reporting

You can identify outbreaks earlier through analyzing patterns and trends in infection data. Infection Prevention and Control lets you share information across the enterprise or specific to a facility, helping your administrators make procedural and staffing decisions. By sharing these reports and findings across the organization, your Infection Preventionist can make recommendations for improvement leading to better results.

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