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Male doctor in white coat confers with patient over video call on open computer

How Telehealth Enables Better Care Options

Telehealth is often incorrectly viewed as a replacement for face-to-face encounters.

In reality, telehealth is designed to provide supplemental care, operating as a remote delivery method that supports existing staff with additional resources.

The benefits of this care model can reverberate infrastructurally, impacting organizations clinically, financially, and operationally.

And while many of these impacts may occur gradually, patient outcomes will experience an immediate boost with adoption of telehealth solutions.

Read on to learn more about how telehealth can enable better outcomes at your organization today.

Reaching Care Delivery Milestones

The fundamentals of a successful, collaborative telehealth visit don’t differ much from those of a traditional, face-to-face bedside visit.  

Despite these similarities, when a nurse serves as the facilitator or tele-presenter, providers can achieve two key milestones.

Increased Practitioner Engagement

When acting as a facilitator, a nurse delivering remote care is more actively engaged in every patient visit with the doctor. This increase extends to the patient, who is able to take a more active role in their health, as well.

Delivery of Trio-Rounds

This term refers to a visit that includes doctor patient, and nurse—and is the gold standard in hospital medicine. This best practice occurs during every telehealth visit, as the nurse is always the facilitator.

Both of these milestones result in improved patient outcomes through increased patient agency and increased, individualized provider attention.

Improving Outcomes Through Accessibility

An effective telehealth program provides coverage to an entire facility, regardless of patient status.

This universal access will hasten staff adoption of the telehealth tool, eliminating questions of who and how, when and why.

By encouraging all clinicians to adopt telehealth solutions into their practices, your organization can anticipate:

  • Improved patient access to care
  • More efficient use of times for nurses, patients, and doctors
  • Enhancement of provider patient relationship

Not only do these three benefits of telehealth have a direct impact on patient medical outcomes, but they also improve the overall care environment, creating better experiences for patients and providers alike.

Making Virtual Health a Reality at Your Organization

PointClickCare’s Virtual Health is a platform-based solution that unites and empowers all extended care team stakeholders.

Equipped with 24/7 monitoring, the solution ensures consistent treatment, care plan management and follow-up.

Easy-to-use and easy-to-access, the platform provides integrated, easy, and fast access to qualified hospitalists directly from patient records, ensuring optimal care for residents, improved staff satisfaction, and enhanced revenue opportunities.

To learn more about how Virtual Health can improve care at your organization

August 25, 2022