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Virtual Health

PointClickCare and Sound Physicians have partnered to deliver Virtual Health, an integrated, easy-to-use, accessible telemedicine solution to improve care

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Virtual Health provides a fully integrated solution with one-click access to qualified physicians ensuring optimal care for residents, improved staff satisfaction, streamlined operations, and increased revenue opportunities.

  • Improve Patient Care & Experience

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    Increase Satisfaction & Empower Staff

  • Streamline Operations & Maximize Revenue

Male hospitalist providing telemedicine services via video call on laptop using PointClickCare's Virtual Health solution

Quality Virtual Care Provided at Scale

  • Secure, easy-to-use technology fully integrated into existing EHR (Electronic Health Record) workflows
  • Provide 24/7 access to qualified physicians to ensure consistent care delivery and optimize care plan management
  • Lower hospital readmissions and penalties, improve quality scores, and effectively capture revenue while providing holistic patient care
  • Streamline operations, reporting, and claims integration to reduce manual processes and staff burnout

Watch Demo

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Kingston Healthcare

Hear how Virtual Health has transformed the patient-provider relationship increasing the ability to quickly address resident needs and improve clinical outcomes.

Female physician in green scrubs and with a stethoscope around her neck seated in front of a desktop computer and smiling

Health Services Management

Learn how Health Services Management leveraged Virtual Health to address care gaps.

Female physician seated in her office providing virtual health services to a patient using her tablet device that's placed on her desk

Providing Quality After-Hours Patient Care with a Click of a Button

See experts share insights on implementing telemedicine solutions effectively to improve care outcomes.

Connect with industry leaders to explore how our Virtual Health solution can help your organization provide quality virtual care.

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