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Male doctor seated in his office and providing virtual telehealth services using a tablet device

The Virtual Future of Long-Term Care

As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly complex with a heightened focus on value‐based care, providers need easy access to 24/7 physician services to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

Virtual care, and specifically telehealth, has become a critical tool in that effort.

Continued Growth of Telehealth

Recent data from McKinsey found that telehealth utilization has stabilized at levels 38 times higher than before the pandemic, and for good reason. This technology delivers many benefits in all healthcare settings.

Telehealth tools offer:

  • Increased access to healthcare services
  • Reduced travel and stress for patients
  • Improved patient monitoring
  • Saved organizational resources
  • Enhanced communication among stakeholders

The subsequent time through using this technology enables caregivers to up-level their care delivery and spend more quality time with the individuals in their care. This quality time has consistently improved the overall staff experience and boost morale, considerations that are more important than ever amid the current staffing crisis.

Serving the needs of the senior population

The senior population is expected to reach 74 million people, or approximately 23% of the U.S. population, by 2030.

Now is the time to invest in the technology and tools needed to improve health outcomes and quality of life for our rapidly aging population. 

With over 500 hospital‐based programs in 42 states, Sound Physicians’ value‐based models have been proven to improve clinical outcomes and lower overall episode costs. In fact, their post-acute programs have reduced hospital readmissions by 30%.

Our recent announcement of our partnership with Sound Physicians—a leading physician partner to hospitals, post-acute providers, physician groups, and payers—enables PointClickCare to offer a fully integrated virtual health solution to long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) healthcare providers across the U.S.

The PointClickCare/ Sound Physicians joint solution will meet the mission-critical needs of post-acute providers to improve clinical care. The collaboration will undoubtedly improve outcomes for the senior population by streamlining access to engaged physician support anytime, anywhere.  

Learn more about our partnership with Sound Physicians

April 18, 2022