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A frontline healthcare worker uses PointClickCare's IPC product during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Infection Prevention & Control Technology Helps Frontline Workers Slow the Spread of COVID-19

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, skilled nursing facilities are going above and beyond to track and monitor cases, help control the spread of the virus, and provide compassionate care for their patients.

Research continues to reinforce that coronavirus is particularly dangerous to the elderly and health-compromised individuals, so it’s critical that providers remain vigilant, and continue to enforce the highest possible infection control protocols.

PointClickCare’s Infection Prevention & Control Enables Better Care

To help nurses and other care staff protect their patients and residents, an easy-to-use, efficient tool for tracking and helping control infections is essential. Enter PointClickCare’s Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) solution. The IPC dashboard allows users to quickly analyze real-time patient data from multiple facilities and communities in one centralized location. The tool also allows for tracking of respiratory symptoms specific to COVID-19, which may help provide a clearer picture around potential spread. Armed with that knowledge, nurses can provide the best possible care while simultaneously prioritizing identifying and preventing infections. IPC integrates seamlessly into existing PointClickCare workflows and is easy to learn and use.

Read on for the story of how Marquis Companies was able to deploy IPC and equip employees with the tools to quickly identify and monitor the spread of COVID-19 cases.

Empowering Prevention Efforts

Many customers have made tremendous progress combatting infection, but today there is one customer we’re shining the spotlight on: Marquis Companies. Marquis owns and operates 23 post-acute and assisted living services across the United States and an I-SNP, AgeRight Care Management Services.

With IPC, Marquis has improved how it tracks for respiratory infections and was able to identify potential COVID-19 symptoms in residents quicker. This is because, as Vicky Nordby of Marquis Companies explained, “The majority of our residents were showing symptoms before developing a fever.” Receiving an early warning helped staff move quickly ahead of potential cases and limit the spread of coronavirus across their communities.

Implementation has also streamlined the monitoring and documentation process. Before adopting IPC, the process required a mixture of paper files, excel documents, and email updates to fully analyze infection data. Now, thanks to IPC, this process is completely automated, allowing the Marquis staff to log in and quickly see data from every building.

A new technology doesn’t mean a steep learning curve. Marquis rolled out IPC and got their nursing staff up and running quickly. According to Nordby, anyone with “even the slightest degree of technology knowledge” can leverage PointClickCare’s solution with no trouble. The easy to use platform has given staff the ability to input critical data without sacrificing valuable time that needs to be spent providing care.

Getting Ahead of Infections With IPC

SNFs are committed to continuing to provide for and protect seniors amidst COVID-19. We are continuously inspired by customers who are able to leverage innovative solutions to help solve challenges and provide better care for their residents. With IPC, Marquis is tracking and stopping infections quicker and more efficiently, while simultaneously providing high-quality care to their residents. As we continue to fight the spread of coronavirus, PointClickCare is proud to partner with organizations like Marquis that are making a meaningful impact and delivering the best possible care for their residents.

PointClickCare’s Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) solution

Real-time surveillance, management, and reporting of infection cases.

July 16, 2020