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A doctor smiles while using PointClickCare software on a tablet.

Get Ready for Better Referral Partnerships and Care Transitions with Carequality

As a PointClickCare skilled nursing customer, you already you know that can have access to Carequality as part of your monthly subscription beginning this fall. You also know that Carequality offers a trusted national interoperability framework for health information exchange. But do you really know what it will mean to your organization? The addition of Carequality to your PointClickCare solution will have far-reaching benefits in both the near and long terms.

Carequality Elevates and Optimizes Care Transition

Using Carequality with PointClickCare lets you seamlessly connect with the hospitals and care partners in the Carequality network in real time. How does it work? From the PointClickCare resident record you can query Carequality to pull all available continuity of care documentation (CCD) and import the relevant CCD into PointClickCare. As long as the hospital or provider is in the network, you don’t have to worry about what technology or EHR they use. Once imported, medication and medical diagnosis are automatically filled in the resident record, allowing you to accelerate the reconciliation process. You can imagine how much time this will save your staff, and the impact it will have on your business . Let’s break it down…

Benefit #1: Easier Care Transitions

What slows down transitions of care most often? Searching for a resident’s medical history, or repeatedly entering the same set of data multiple times. Now you’ll be able to expedite the admissions process by accessing complete medical histories of your incoming residents. Having Carequality in your PointClickCare solution means you’re no longer burdened with manual transcriptions. The relevant clinical documents are imported electronically, for the speed and accuracy you need when moving a resident from one care setting to another. You’ll have fewer paper records, more visibility into incoming residents, and be able to efficiently reconcile their medications. They’ll experience a smoother transition process – and so will you.

Benefit #2: Improve the Best Resident Fit and Reduce the Time to Offer

By using Carequality with PointClickCare, you’ll be able to reduce the time it takes to respond to referrals and increase conversion rates by ensuring that you are making offers that are best suited for your facility.

Carequality can be accessed directly from each lead in PointClickCare CRM. This integration helps simplify the referral process by allowing you to preview the clinical data needed to make offers without leaving the CRM environment. This means you can accept referrals that best align to your services, which helps improve resident and financial outcomes!

Benefit #3: Become a Better Partner with Your Referral Network

What improves your relationships with referring hospitals? Better access to resident data that’s critical to driving efficient care coordination. With the PointClickCare-Carequality combination, bi-directional data gives you the accurate, complete and timely health data that you need on transitions of care, and provides your referring hospitals with the data they want, without disrupting workflows. Now that’s interoperability! When your referring partners see how easy it is to exchange patient information with you – and that your readmissions are going down – you’ll always be at the top of their list.

Benefit #4: Onboard Everyone at Once, at No Additional Cost

What makes a new solution problematic? The disruption caused by manual system configuration and extensive training at each of your sites. These are non-issues with the addition of Carequality to PointClickCare. At no extra cost, your entire organization can gain access to the Carequality network at the same time. Whether you have one building, dozens, or hundreds, you’ll have the same reliable and familiar PointClickCare workflows, now with data sharing that you can brag about.  

We’re excited to be adding the Carequality advantage to help you solve some of the most critical challenges the LTPAC industry is facing. When you navigate value-based care more confidently with the PointClickCare-Carequality combination, you’ll be able to optimize resident care and improve outcomes. We can’t wait to help you get started!

Want to know more about what Carequality will do for your SNF? Check this out to get started.

June 17, 2020