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People of PointClickCare: Annie McBride

Introducing Annie McBride, PointClickCare’s dynamic Chief Marketing Officer! Annie’s role involves fostering a centralized voice of customer for the organization to ensure impactful and successful product launches, enhance understanding of value in market, and sustain ongoing research to reflect market trends and sentiment.

She’s passionate about collaborating with customers and teammates across the full organization with a commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience. Keep reading to learn all about Annie and her efforts to steer PointClickCare toward continued success.

In this article, we’ll dive into Annie’s journey, what she values most about working at PointClickCare, and some of the trends she’s anticipating for 2024.

Rapid Fire 🔥

  • Describe yourself in 3 words: Passionate, Empathetic, Results-Oriented.
  • What was your first job? When I was 12, I volunteered with my dad — a psychiatrist working on AIDS research — for several summers. I got to walk in San Diego’s pride parade and volunteer in several AIDS informatics clinics!
  • If you could only eat one cuisine for the rest of your life, what would it be? Mexican food. I’m from San Diego which is just 30 minutes from the Mexican border, so a delicious breakfast burrito or taquitos are great comfort foods for me.

A Career Rooted in Healthcare

Annie joined PointClickCare nearly two years ago, bringing with her a wealth of experience in the healthcare industry, from marketing roles spanning personal health, dental implants, surgical planning software, respiratory medical devices, and software-as-a-service. Her journey to PointClickCare started with a connection to Kari Hall, our Chief Strategy Officer, whom she had worked with previously. Annie worked at a PointClickCare competitor and was already familiar with our company. Once she learned more about us, she realized this new role as their first CMO aligned perfectly with both her values and professional goals.

Most Rewarding Part of the Job

For Annie, the most rewarding aspects of her role include leading a dynamic team and navigating change and transformation. Part of this change involves supporting customers to enable new payment models and reimbursement strategies for the industries we serve. Annie envisions a future where value-based care becomes the norm, benefiting both providers and patients.

“It’s about reshaping the healthcare model. The current system often incentivizes more services, potentially fostering a cycle of sickness,” she explained. “By advocating for appropriate payment models and reimbursement amounts tied to the right levels of care, we aspire to contribute to a healthier North America. This shift could profoundly impact the nation’s health in the next decade, promoting a healthier population and supporting the well-being of medical professionals who, in turn, treat healthier patients.”

With an eye on the increasing importance of value-based care and interoperability in 2024, Annie emphasized: “We’re prepared to tackle our industry’s most pressing challenges and assess the adoption of AI in health tech, considering both risks and rewards. And that’s what I find exciting.”

Challenges for CMOs in 2024

As the CMO, Annie is charged with continuously and strategically planning for the right opportunities to elevate and sustain the PointClickCare brand. “This role involves navigating the fast-paced landscape of technology, tools, and industry dynamics to effectively position the brand in the industries we serve,” she explained. “It’s about really making sure that what we do positively impacts providers and, ultimately, the care of people.”

On Leadership

Annie’s leadership style is a blend of understanding, kindness, passion, and high expectations. She values transparency, providing her team with context and perspectives to empower them to make informed decisions. She shared, “Transparency is crucial; I learned that understanding the ‘why’ enhances appreciation for the ‘what.’ I aim to provide visibility behind the curtain, acknowledging business realities and aligning decisions with shareholder expectations. Leading with transparency fosters a shared responsibility among team members to sustain our culture of care and deliver the best for our customers.”

On Female Mentorship

“I’ve been fortunate to have inspiring female leaders early in my career — hardworking, with high expectations and a commitment to continuous education. Observing their work ethic and dedication shaped my journey across organizations,” Annie said.

Annie also draws inspiration from her mom, who she said gracefully balanced motherhood, her career, and an MBA. It was her mother and previous female bosses who have influenced Annie’s leadership style and inspired her to pursue her own MBA. At PointClickCare, Annie also actively contributes to our women in leadership mentorship circles and the Women’s Leadership Program to pay it forward: “It is so inspiring to meet women leaders who are growing, challenging themselves, and collaborating with one another, I’m grateful to be a small part of it.”

A Balancing Act

Annie acknowledged that balancing work and family required early mornings, managing time zones, and late-night work. “As a female leader, I’ve worked hard to reach this point, and I believe it’s important to acknowledge the sacrifices and trade-offs needed.”

Annie wears multiple hats – as a leader, a mother of four boys, and a marketing professional. Outside of work, she’s jumping from kid’s sports to school events to fun, quality time together. Her favorite times are with her family in the summer at the beach and in winter, snowboarding outside of San Diego. To underline the importance of supporting kids in finding their passion, she also serves on a nonprofit’s Communications Committee, championing STEM education for underserved youth in San Diego.

Thank you, Annie, for sharing with us!

This piece is part of our ongoing series, People of PointClickCare. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from the individuals shaping the future of healthcare.

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March 26, 2024