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Our Growth and Unified Brand Vision

As we celebrated the one-year anniversary of our acquisition of Audacious Inquiry, I’ve been reflecting on PointClickCare’s continued investments over the last few years and the impact they’ve had on our mission to address critical gaps in healthcare and enable better care and outcomes for all. As I look to the future, I am excited to continue this growth as we’ve yet again expanded our community by integrating another great brand into our company with the acquisition of Patient Pattern.

Through these investments, we’ve successfully broadened PointClickCare’s reach into care coordination across the acute, ambulatory, and post-acute markets. Today, we are connected to every major health plan across the U.S., including, more than 3,100 hospitals and health systems, 2,200 ambulatory clinics, and over 27,000 long-term and post-acute care facilities. In fact, nearly 92% of all U.S. hospitals now discharge patients to a facility using our solutions, and that’s a statistic we’re very proud of.

Expansion and lessons learned

While PointClickCare first touched the lives of patients in the post-acute space, our broadened network and capabilities now enable care coordination and value-based care solutions for more than 150 million lives in the U.S. — spanning the senior care, acute and payer industries. With the most comprehensive care collaboration network in North America and the deepest footprint in the senior care space, our product suite continues to evolve and scale to meet the demands and expectations of our customers’ care delivery needs and the widening populations served. 

And with all this growth came exceptional new team members. We’ve welcomed over 1,000 new employees to our recently expanded executive bench since 2020, and we’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way on how to manage that change. It goes without saying that change can be challenging, and it was crucial for us to keep our culture alive and thriving throughout these adjustments. Preserving our culture has been a critical component of our acquisition strategy, most recently with the onboarding of Collective Medical, followed by Audacious Inquiry and now Patient Pattern. With these three examples, our decision to move forward rested largely on our readiness and comfort in knowing our expanded team shared the same values and commitment to serving our collective mission. Our people will always be at the heart of what we do.

How our new, evolved brand supports the shift to value-based care

Value-based care refers to a different model where reimbursement in health care is no longer based on what you do to or for a patient. Instead, it is based on what clinical outcomes are achieved by your care. As the shift to value-based care continues to fuel the growing market demand for intelligence and collaboration tools, we’ve listened by investing heavily into cross-facility care collaboration.

Establishing the policies and technology infrastructure to enable data sharing was “step one” for us, and now we’re able to focus on layering innovation on top to support more effective care. Our growth has allowed us to embark on “step two,” where we can drive meaningful insights to those providing care. By connecting the richest post-acute dataset with the most expansive, full-continuum network, care teams can proactively intervene at the right time, at the right place, and with the right information for their patients. At a time when providers are taking on more risk responsibilities, we must give them the information they need to address critical care gaps and enable better outcomes.

We’ve always had a mission to address critical gaps in healthcare and enable better care for vulnerable patients across the care continuum. Now, given our recent acquistions, we have the ability to double down on our impact in healthcare, providing our employees with an opportunity to contribute to a truly meaningful social mission.

PointClickCare Connects

During CONNECTatSUMMIT in the fall 2022, leaders across our Product and Engineering organization introduced PointClickCare’s latest innovations — built to optimize care collaboration, make standardized care more effective, and enable better care for those who need it most. One product I’m particularly proud of is PointClickCare Connect, a tool that helps providers tap into networks to improve resident transitions of care and reduce re-admissions. This solution provides seamless reconciliation of clinical data that can save hours of administrative work — an essential innovation during a time when clinician burnout is causing a widespread exodus from the field and costing the U.S. healthcare system about $4.6 billion a year.

While there remains a lot of important work ahead in our effort to reduce the cost of healthcare and improve access and outcomes for all, we’re proud of the progress we’ve made to broaden and deepen our networks, enhance innovative solutions, and more broadly serve health plan, provider, state agency, federal, and public health partners. It has been a few challenging years, and the healthcare ecosystem has evolved rapidly out of necessity since the pandemic. Our recent growth is a testament to our commitment to embracing this change and keeping pace with the rapidly evolving healthcare system. 

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August 3, 2023