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Esha Bhatti, Product Leader at PointClickCare profile photo

People of PointClickCare: Esha Bhatti, From Co-op to Product Management

We previously introduced you to Nermina Lika, who turned a student internship into a six-year (and counting) full-time position at PointClickCare. Now it’s time to meet one of our former co-ops, Esha Bhatti, a graduate of University of Waterloo. She started out on our corporate development team, and is now a product leader in product management, working on our Harmony Connect and Sync product. But when Esha first came to us in April 2018, she had no idea where her career was headed.

Unexpected Opportunities and Lessons

Esha completed two co-op placements with PointClickCare while at university, and then worked part-time remotely while finishing her final undergraduate semester. She says she never felt like a co-op but gained valuable experience from the start.

“There was no fetching coffee, making copies, or sitting at my desk looking at the ceiling. As a co-op, I was given meaningful work with set expectations. I was encouraged to speak up in meetings, share my ideas and become a vital part of a team. I was given the opportunity to work cross-functionally with various departments and across numerous projects.”

Esha points to many learning moments at PointClickCare; one that made an especially strong impression on her was the importance of getting to know as many people as possible.

“I saw the power of networking. From the start of my first co-op, I was encouraged to meet with others in the company to understand their roles and experiences. Through doing this, I learned a lot about the various departments within the company and their objectives. It improved my ability to leverage stakeholders to drive better performance and collaboration.”

Help in Defining a Passion

Esha admits that during her co-op placement, she struggled with deciding what to do after graduation and how to find her “dream job.” She mentioned this to her manager at the time – and the introductions to leaders across the organization and cross-functional projects began.

“PointClickCare cares a lot about personal growth and gives employees a great deal of autonomy. Taking on projects enabled me to see what I enjoyed and the many possibilities. This led me to helping the Amplify team with its accelerator event where I met other employees who introduced me to the world of product. From there, I set up meetings with many product owners and managers, and even shadowed two managers for a day each! I was intimidated by my lack of experience in product, but these mentors made me feel comfortable.”

These “people” and “projects” experiences, along with the company’s mission, were among many factors that led Esha to seek a full-time position with PointClickCare.

“I’ve always had a passion for the healthcare industry but could never see myself being a doctor or nurse. Having shadowed my mom at work and seeing her use PointClickCare, I knew I wanted to work on technology that was making a difference. The Harmony project was particularly appealing to me because it’s still in ‘incubation.’ There’s lots of learning, change, and impact to be made.” 

A Very Special Appeal

Now that she’s been with the company more than two and a half years, Esha knows exactly why it’s the right place for her.

“I like the unparalleled culture and clear values. We have a great culture that encourages everybody to reach their full potential, coupled with an awareness of values. Everyone’s able to speak to the ‘why’ of what we do, leading to strong execution of the ‘how.’ PointClickCare has an open working environment with lots of transparency and employee freedom. The minute you walk into the office, you know this is a different place with a unique culture.”

Esha says that PointClickCare has enabled her to make a difference, while helping her grow as a product leader and person. It comes as no surprise, then, that she would recommend the company to other students seeking co-op placements or internships.

“As a co-op at PointClickCare, you’re empowered to make the most of your journey. You get out what you put in and that’s what I really enjoyed during my time. If you’re ready to work and play hard, PointClickCare is the place!” With her enthusiasm, we have no doubts that Esha will continue to work for PointClickCare for a very long time!

September 15, 2020