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Life @ PointClickCare: Carol Li

Introducing, Carol Li! As one of our talented Project Managers, Carol was recently nominated for our Life @ PointClickCare blog and, after meeting her, you will see why! Carol loves Project Management and PointClickCare, but her interests and passions don’t stop there. She’s also a red belt in Taekwondo and she has recently started learning the art of mixing music. Carol also told us, much like Cedric Anne, she is a major foodie who loves to try new things and makes a point to try 2-3 new spots every weekend.  

Rapid Fire 🔥 

  • Favorite movie? Can’t pick just one! Top three are The Wizard of Oz, The Borrowers, The Green Mile.
  • Favorite winter activity? Tubing.
  • What advice would you give your young self? Stay curious about everything.
  • What is your dream vacation destination? Mallorca, Spain.

Journey to PointClickCare

Carol’s journey to PointClickCare has taken a few turns along the way but has always kept her on a path of continued growth. “I originally began my career as a frontline healthcare worker working in the Medical Radiation Sciences in Mississauga’s network of hospitals”.  After completing her postgraduate studies, she began her first job as a Project Manager in a private medical corporation working on an IT project which is what eventually led her to PointClickCare. “In 2017, I was recruited by PointClickCare as a Junior Project Coordinator and then I moved to Customer Experience as an analyst.” After moving back to the hospital to pursue a project manager & business advisor position in Diagnostic Imaging, Carol decided to return to PointClickCare in Feb 2021 when a colleague she worked with recommended she apply for the Senior Project Manager position within the newly formed PMO team.

Project Management

Since many people aren’t aware of the day-to-day endeavours of a project manager, we asked Carol to describe the role in her own words. She said that most of the job requires constant, active communication – both written and verbal. “Yes, there is certification that exists that provides a framework for ‘how to become a Project Manager’, but it’s much more than that. It is a role that gives you the opportunity to make it what you want; that is, to bring your experience, personality, and ‘finesse’ to the role. Project management is about balancing scope, budget, and timelines, but it is also about stakeholder management and engagement.”

She also said that the best part of about her job is being able to work with her team to bring a positive impact on others. “In my opinion, improving customer experience by being the group of people in ESA enabling and transforming systems, processes, and improving the way we work is incredibly rewarding. The integral coaching and mentorship culture we have at PointClickCare makes that possible. Being able to share knowledge, insights, and experience with new and seasoned Project Managers keeps us at the top of our game.”

Learning with PointClickCare

What keeps Carol coming back to PointClickCare? For her, it’s the culture. “There are obvious, no brainers answers like Ken’s candy wall in the cafeteria, our Friday no meetings in the afternoon rule, etc., but it really comes down to the culture. Our culture continues to enforce the things that matter such as incorporating play with work, mentorship opportunities with co-op students, and fostering learning and development. Above all else, it’s a place that values individual growth. There are many opportunities for growth and creative new initiatives to be part of as we work together to build strategies and processes to improve the customer experience.”

Carol’s Nomination

Carol was nominated by Raj Vijayarangan who said, “Carol is an amazing project management professional and integral team member who leads our project teams to success. She fosters a very positive working environment and sees opportunities despite the challenges. She consistently demonstrates PointClickCare’s core values and continues to impress us with her can-do attitude.”

When we spoke with Carol about her positive attitude, she said, “It has always been important to me to bring positive energy to our group meetings and create an environment that is a safe space to voice opinions, ideas, and healthily challenge one another on decision options.”

Carol also mentioned that in her experience, one of the secrets to success is the ability to listen to others. “Active listening is key. We retain and consider everyone’s feedback before making a decision to ensure we have all the facts.” Carol also says that in order to do that properly, she has learned to put everything in writing. “If there is something we don’t understand or need to work out, it is crucial to document all feedback and ideas. As we build context throughout the course of our project, the rolling documentation tells the story of how we arrive at the design decision we implement today. Listening to all parties and creating a full story ensures the solution we devise will make a positive impact.”

Thanks for sharing, Carol!

November 30, 2021