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Life @ PointClickCare: Cedric Anne

Our latest volunteer for the Life @ PointClickCare blog is Cedric Anne, Director of Technology Services. Cedric has been with PointClickCare for over 9 years and doesn’t see himself going anywhere else anytime soon.

Let’s get to know him better with some rapid-fire questions.

Rapid Fire 🔥  

  • Favorite TV show?   New Amsterdam – “How can I help?”
  • Most Used Emoji? 👍🏾
  • Describe yourself in 3 words?  Reliable, Understanding, Intuitive.
  • Who would you invite to a dinner party and why?  Kobe Bryant – Well if I could invite him to the dinner that would mean he is with us which is a better version of reality. He continues to be an inspiration on how he interacted with his daughters and how he put them first. 
  • Favorite sport?  Basketball. Playing, watching, talking about who’s the GOAT, collecting shoes, etc.

Where do I sign?

Cedric’s journey to PointClickCare is certainly an interesting story. He told us it all started with a phone call the day before he was flying back to his home country in Mauritius from a visit to Canada. He was visiting his then soon-to-be wife and checking out a Canadian ‘winter’. “A few months later after continuing to entertain the conversation with PointClickCare, I received another phone call asking me this time to have an on-the-job interview. When the day came, I showed up dressed up in formal interview attire and I was greeted by my soon-to-be colleagues in their classic t-shirt and jeans. I thought to myself, if this is a job where I could wear my everyday t-shirt, I was ready to sign on the dotted line.”

Cedric has been with PointClickCare throughout the big moments over the last 9 years and continues to see its potential for growth each day. “It has been 9 years and 3 months since my first day and it is such an amazing adventure, I feel the company has grown and I have grown with it. From the days of lunch time indoor basketball and catered lunches to now (pre-covid) enjoying chef’s inspired cuisine while watching planes taking off – that’s quite an upgrade.”

Tech Savvy Cedric

As Director of Technical Services, it’s safe to say that Cedric is fluent in tech speak. “Tech speak is a special skillset in the tech world and it means to be able to take a request or idea from a customer and articulate it and define the pressure points that speak to each audience.” We learned from Cedric that being able to speak tech to anyone from developers all the way to execs and customers helps to ensure expectations are met. “When you have the ability of following the conversation from the customer needs to its execution at the code level, it provides you with an edge in the business and ensures the customer’s ask is fully met with the execution.”

Creative outlets

Technology may be Cedric’s calling, but it’s not his only talent! He is also an avid foodie who is currently cooking his way around a map of the world. “One of my hobbies is to do “art” in the kitchen. I am a foodie and love recreating food from anywhere in the world. Recently, I did a stop in India and created a Mullugtawny dish, a thick soup made of yellow split peas with a sour note and some tamarind paste served on basmati rice. Before that, I stopped in Jamaica and made Jerk chicken on rice and peas cooked in coconut milk. Next stop on the map is Peru and I’ll be making Peruvian Chicken with a cilantro garlic sauce.

Cedric is also a basketball fan with an impressive basketball shoe collection. “The shoes in my collection are in pristine condition still in the box. One day I plan to display them in my home office as a source of inspiration to remember where I come from.”

Fostering growth at PointClickCare

Cedric is a proponent of growth and makes it his mission to ensure everyone around him is set up for success. He is often heard commenting that he is ‘in the business of getting his team members ready for their next role’. When asked about this phrase he said it refers to his approach to developing and managing his teams. “When I say ‘business’, I am referring to how committed I am to achieving this goal. It’s not a hobby nor a side hustle. In my opinion, ‘ready for their next role’, can be anything, whether it is within the team or outside. By building a strong connection with everyone’s career path and giving each one development opportunities to get there, chances are that goals will be met and the individuals will continue to be valuable contributors to my team, and the world.”

This focus on development also extends to his advice for future and new PointClickCare employees. “Find yourself a mentor – someone who you can lean on to guide you through the company given how large we have grown. PointClickCare is the company to join if you ready to experience growth, learning, and most of all, if you are looking for exciting challenges.”

Land of opportunity

Cedric says that the constant opportunity he has working at PointClickCare has allowed him to grow in ways he never thought possible. “To me, PointClickCare is an ‘Organization of Opportunities’ and there is no limit to what you can do here. There are many reasons I choose to work here but seeing the value of the contributions my team provides has been unbelievably fulfilling. To be able to work on projects that are extremely rewarding, both personally and professionally, is incredible incentive. More personally, when I imagine being able to contribute towards solutions that could one day benefit my own family getting better care, it reminds me who we are working to help.”

For Cedric, this positive impact on the world is his favorite thing about the organization. “The work we do at PointClickCare is meaningful. Our solutions allow our customers to spend more time with their residents which in turn results in better outcomes for everyone. PointClickCare cares about people, especially their own. We have a strong supportive culture offering mutual support, promoting trust, and rewarding employees’ efforts.”

Thanks for sharing with us, Cedric!

November 16, 2021