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Samyem Tuladhar headshot for employee spotlight banner

Life @ PointClickCare: Samyem Tuladhar

Meet Samyem Tuladhar, one of our talented Software Architects. As a member of the Software Engineering team, Samyem works to ensure that our products are continually advancing and adapting to new and ever-changing market opportunities.

What is a Software Architect?

Our software architects work with engineering and product teams to make world-class software by adhering to best practices in the industry and constantly seeking opportunities to improve and innovate. As Samyem says, “As a software architect, you get to see the bigger holistic picture of the system across multiple engineering domains. From this vantage point, architects get to collaborate with teams to solve new business challenges while confirming the organizations aspirations around quality, maintainability, security, and performance. In this endeavour, the architect’s role it to set the technical vision and enable engineers to deliver optimal value through demonstration of best practices and mentorship. Seeing solutions develop through its lifecycle from conception to production is always a rewarding part of this role.”

A passion for Software Engineering

Some people take years to find their passion in life, and very few get to make a career out of it. But that’s not the case for Samyem. When asked if he always knew this is what he wanted to do, he says, “Software Engineering has always been a fascination for me. Having had the unique opportunity to grow up in a generation that witnessed the birth of the Internet and the power it unleashed – seeing how today it impacts virtually all aspects of life – was a very powerful and inspiring experience.” Samyem also mentions that initially, he was a self-taught coder working mostly on making games and personal hobby projects. “I have always been a tinkerer at heart and the idea that with enough drive, anyone can weld and harness the power of software to bring about profound impact has been a source of constant fascination for me.”

The path to PointClickCare 

After spending many years in the tech start-up scene, Samyem began to look for opportunities outside the tech bubble that would fulfill his desire to have a more meaningful impact on the world . “Moving to PointClickCare offered me a unique opportunity to apply the power of software to directly impact people’s quality of life in a sector of healthcare that often does not get as much attention as it deserves. This idea of being in the forefront of applying my technical skills to something so profoundly impactful was an appeal I could not forego.”

While at PointClickCare, Samyem has had the opportunity to work on many projects that have been able to fulfill his need to positively impact the industry, and the world. But there was one in particular he said was particularly exciting to work on, the Clinical Content Service project. This project offered deep and complex technical challenges to solve clinical data collection and management, which sits at the heart of any EHR platform. “Personally, the project offered me a great sense of appreciation for the processes and complexities involved in interfacing technology with the health workers in the senior care space. In this industry, I believe technology can be framed to enhance and enable health professionals by deeply understanding the problem domain, workflow, and tailoring solutions to not just automate existing routine work, but also make it an enjoyable experience. Solving this problem in an efficient and seamless manner has turned out to be a source of great gratification for me.”

Engineering at PointClickCare

Engineering at PointClickCare is a highly driven, challenging, and fun endeavour. As Samyem says, “If you are passionate about working with technology to offer better quality of life that directly impacts millions of seniors and health care workers, this is the right place to be.” He also adds it’s a great place to develop your skills as an engineer and continue to grow in a fast-paced industry. “At PointClickCare, you have the opportunity to solve some of the toughest problems across various technological domains and stay at the forefront of the software industry. You’ll also find ample room to explore and exercise your creativity and grow into thought-leaders impacting the intersection of technology and healthcare.”

So, what’s Samyem’s advice for future PointClickCare engineers? “The engineering team gathered here are very driven and passionate. The wide range of challenging and interesting problems that awaits you here will ensure your journey will be an enthralling experience.”

If you are looking to join our Engineering team, click here.

June 18, 2021