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Yana Mamotenko headshot for employee spotlight

Life @ PointClickCare – Yana Mamotenko

Meet our Manager of Engineering Program Management, Yana Mamotenko! Yana and her team manage the completion of engineering plans or commitments and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) processes driven by industry best practices. Read on to hear why she loves working at PointClickCare and the advice she has for other women in engineering. 

Getting started in Software Engineering 

Yana told us that her story started as she was working in a call center at a major payment processing company while she was still in university. After she graduated with a computer science degree, being the tenacious individual she is, she took matters into her own hands and began contacting every software engineering manager and asked if they were hiring. “I told them that although I lacked job experience, as a current employee I already knew the business and the organization very well and as a recent graduate I could be an asset to the team if given the chance. And it worked, that’s how I started my career in software.” 

What’s the best part of her job?  

For Yana, the most rewarding part of her job is people. Her and her team have the opportunity to work with many different teams and individuals at all leadership levels.  Also, working within the engineering organization is very rewarding, “witnessing a project to go from a concept or an idea all the way through to a finished product is amazing.”

Her journey to PointClickCare 

Yana told us that what led her to PointClickCare was “hands down the company’s mission and culture.”  She mentioned that that there are many commercial software companies out there but not many that use technology to solve global healthcare challenges. “When I started following PointClickCare on LinkedIn, I was at a point in my career where I was not just looking to get more experience in the industry, I also wanted to do something that would serve a higher cause. I wanted to be part of an organization where when you are done working at the end of the day, you know that you’ve made a difference, and that’s exactly what I found at PointClickCare.”  

Yana also mentioned that once she did join PointClickCare, she was amazed to learn just how much PointClickCare cares about and invests in its culture and how much a positive atmosphere can really affect your day-to-day work. “When you’re here, you feel like a part of a family doing meaningful work together.” 

Future engineering team members  

Yana wants future engineering team members to know that PointClickCare has an amazing leadership team.  She says leaders at PointClickCare are committed to building and fostering diverse engineering talent.  “It is refreshing to work for an organization that values diversity. I want prospective engineering team members to know this is the company to join because you will find not only new and exciting challenges from a professional standpoint, but you will also find that PointClickCare is a company where you will be listened to, accepted, and valued.”  

Yana’s advice for those looking to join PointClickCare is to “be ready to experience growth, learning, and opportunities. If you are curious and love making a difference you will find your place at PointClickCare.”  

Thank you for sharing, Yana! 

June 30, 2021