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People of PointClickCare: Brian Drozdowicz

Introducing Brian Drozdowicz, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Acute & Payer Markets at PointClickCare. Brian’s journey at PointClickCare spans just over six months, but his rich experience in healthcare technology and his passion for innovation have already left a significant mark. Let’s delve into his world with some rapid-fire questions.

Rapid Fire 🔥

  • Describe yourself in 3 words: Driven, Collaborative, and Action-Oriented.
  • Favorite food? I’ll eat pretty much anything, but my favorites are Thai or any sort of sushi-grade tuna.
  • Last vacation you took? Lake George, New York. My family loves to be around lakes and mountains, so it was the perfect trip for us.
  • What’s one thing on your bucket list? I’d love to become a ski patroller in my retirement years. My family and I are huge skiers — we ski around 50 days a year.
  • What was your first job? Selling popcorn, hot dogs, and candy at a little league snack bar. Highly recommend!

From Medical Records to Value-Based Care

At the age of 22, Brian started his journey into the world of healthcare tech as a support representative for a medical records company, overseeing systems used in emergency departments and critical care units. Over the next decade, Brian’s career evolved rapidly. “I moved from support to managing support teams, transitioned to professional services, led product development, and even took charge of sales.”

Brian’s career then took a shift toward value-based care, a space he’s been dedicated to for the past ten years. His roles typically involved leading teams, driving growth, and handling mergers and acquisitions — 30 of them to be precise. And while his journey in healthcare had its twists and turns, he found his true calling in the medical software business.

Joining the PointClickCare Family

Brian’s familiarity with PointClickCare goes back many years. While the senior care business was not always his primary focus, “the acquisitions of Collective Medical and Audacious Inquiry initially piqued my interest,” he shared. A recruiter’s call further highlighted the compelling opportunity: a robust company culture, a growth-focused market, a portfolio of value-based care solutions, and the chance to integrate these into the core business.

For Brian, the multi-dimensional nature of his role is truly rewarding. “The timing is perfect for this part of the business and I’m eager to seize the opportunity,” he shared. “PointClickCare’s product portfolio aligns with market needs, and I’m enthusiastic about advancing the organization’s maturity while working alongside a talented team. Having the wind at your back from a marketing and product standpoint and having the opportunity to help mold the organization are really rewarding aspects for me.”

On Leadership

As a leader at PointClickCare, Brian believes in fostering open communication, collaboration, clear objectives, and simplifying the complex issues facing the sector. These, he says, are the traits of an effective leader during a period of transition in the industry. Navigating the complex healthcare landscape requires leaders who can steer their teams with clarity and purpose.

The Road Ahead

Brian envisions a future in healthcare technology that revolves around embracing value-based care models. “I believe the industry is at a pivotal moment, ready to accelerate its adoption of technology and innovative solutions,” he shared. COVID-19 has already pushed the envelope, and Brian expects even more positive change in the years to come.

Thank you, Brian, for sharing with us!

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October 24, 2023