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People of PointClickCare: Curtis Duty

Introducing, Curtis Duty, Director of Talent Acquisition at PointClickCare! When he’s not finding the right people to join our team, he’s a goal-oriented dad and amateur triathlete. Let’s get to know Curtis with some rapid-fire questions!

Rapid Fire 🔥 

  • Describe yourself in 3 words – Practical, adaptable, driven.
  • What is your favorite food? – Texas style barbeque.
  • Where did you go on your last vacation? I recently spent a weekend in Las Vegas coaching my daughters’ travel soccer team in the RAGE Showcase tournament.
  • What movie do you enjoy quoting the most? Not real sophisticated, but I have been known to quote Napoleon Dynamite’s phrase, “How much you wanna bet I can throw a football over them mountains?!”
  • What is one subject you would like to learn more about? I opted for business school over law school and still wish I had a better understanding of the law.  

Journey to PointClickCare

Curtis previously led recruiting at a large consumer electronics company in Utah and says what he enjoyed most about it was the best-in-class products that the team developed and offered, and best of all,  the commitment to excellence. It only makes sense that when PointClickCare reached out, he was ready to join another organization with a stellar reputation for innovation. “When the recruiting team at PointClickCare reached out to me I was intrigued by the mission, vision, and values. I liked the idea of working to provide a solution to an important problem.” He also mentioned that some mutual contacts confirmed the altruistic culture checked out. “After meeting with Dr. Ben Zaniello, Sarah Provan, and Dave Green on site, I also found the same commitment to excellence I had enjoyed previously and I was immediately ready to make the move.”

Curtis says that the mission of the organization and helping others was one of the biggest reasons he joined the team. “I choose to work for PointClickCare because I enjoy working on a meaningful mission and value professional freedom within a framework of guidance and direction from my leaders.”

A Career in Talent Acquisition

What does Curtis love about working in Talent Acquisition? “First, I’d say putting my stamp on a business by going out and winning in the job market. Attracting talented people really is a competition, and the future of PointClickCare relies upon us winning that competition. In this way everyone can have an impact by talking about the work they do, developing a network, and referring their talented friends and acquaintances – everyone is a recruiter.  Second:  I love finding top performers with unique and diverse backgrounds – I love finding the potential in people and seeing them come in and make an impact on the mission.

He also mentioned that working in Talent Acquisition is a rewarding job because he can see the positive effect he has on people and the organization. “Placing people into the right role – it’s really rewarding when you find a great person whose skills intersect with our business needs, and knowing they are going to receive meaningful development.”

On Leadership

For Curtis, effective leadership requires empathy.  “A leader should possess the emotional intelligence to take perspective from their people without judgement, recognize the emotions behind their experiences, and communicate understanding.”

He also says that a leader also needs to add value, and for him that means coaching.  “I’ve been fortunate to have had great leaders who let me act on my own while providing seasoned guidance. It’s what has allowed me to grow.”

Join Our Team!

As the Director of Talent Acquisition, Curtis is always on the lookout for people who will fit the values and mission of our organization. So, we were curious what he would he say to prospective employees about joining our team. Curtis enthusiastically said for all who are interested to “Come join us!”. Why should they be interested? He says that one of the benefits of working for PointClickCare is that Senior leadership does a great job at setting the course, being clear in their expectations, and bringing energy and support to their teams. He adds, “Our culture is also a great draw for people. We are great at providing balance. We are flexible in the modern work environment while still being fun and building connection all while making the experience about the mission and driving solutions.”

August 17, 2023