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How Marketplace Delivers Better Patient Experience and Outcomes

In a recent blog post, we discussed why the ability to integrate various solutions is essential for streamlining systems, closing gaps in care, and improving clinical decision-making.

PointClickCare’s Marketplace is a critical tool in this effort. With over 220 integrated solution partners in the Marketplace, it is the largest ecosystem of its kind dedicated to the senior care continuum.

The truth is that the senior care industry is changing at a record pace and with such rapid growth comes complex and nuanced challenges requiring unique solutions. With hundreds of different integrations available, PointClickCare customers can seamlessly connect their existing workflows into the Marketplace ecosystem, ensuring adaptability, as well as future-state capability.  

Following a Patient Journey

To illustrate the different ways that Marketplace can be leveraged to improve the patient experience, let’s follow Betty in her journey with a facility that is integrated with Marketplace solutions.

  • Admissions Management: Before Betty arrives at her new home, her intake forms are already taken care of thanks to an online integrated admissions management solution. Rather than having to manually enter data and distribute forms on her first day, the care staff is able to spend time helping Betty get acclimated and creating a pleasant experience for her and her family.
  • Vitals Monitor: Using an integrated vitals monitor, Betty’s vital signs are automatically transferred to the PointClickCare platform into the necessary fields, allowing the caregiver to spend less time transcribing and more time focusing on Betty and helping her settle in.
  • Visitor Management: After two weeks, Betty’s daughter drops by for a visit. Since Betty’s facility has an integrated visitor management solution, her daughter can use an app to alert the facility of her upcoming visit and complete a pre-screening questionnaire ahead of time to confirm her current health status. When she arrives, she is screened and cleared to visit with minimal staff intervention.
  • Physician Services: Prior to a virtual care visit, Betty’s physician is able to review her latest vitals, medications and other data points in an integrated chart. Throughout the appointment, the physician captures and records additional information, which is posted in her chart in real-time for all care staff to see.
  • Family Portal: Knowing that she had an appointment, Betty’s daughter can check the family portal app on her phone to find out how it went and gather new information. Since all went well, she saves herself a call to the facility.

Accelerating the Impact

Betty is one of the hundreds of thousands of residents whose patient experience is positively impacted by Marketplace and the integrated solutions it offers. Simply, it affords greater efficiency and connection between caregivers, residents, and their families.

As more partners are added, the number of lives impacted by the Marketplace will continue to grow. Recent figures show that more than 60 percent of the 17,000+ integration-ready PointClickCare facilities now use Marketplace solutions. Further, 60 percent of Marketplace integrated facilities use more than one solution, demonstrating that once organizations experience the value it delivers, they look for additional ways to automate and increase operational efficiency.

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June 14, 2022