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Maximize the power of your EHR with integrated partner solutions

With the largest ecosystem of partner solutions – integrated directly with your EHR – Marketplace makes optimizing your existing technology investment efficient, intelligent, and scalable, enabling you to spend more time on what matters – your residents.
  • 375+

    connected partners

  • 20+

    integration categories

  • 14,000+

    facilities with integrations

Marketplace offers:

  • Fast, secure, validated API-based connections where you can easily connect your current solutions in two days or less
  • An easy way to see which vendors work with PointClickCare to choose the best apps for your organization’s needs
  • A more comprehensive view of the resident for a seamless experience for the caregiver, resident, and family

Marketplace empowers people to work with people

Hear how Genesis Healthcare, Kingston Healthcare, Responsive Health Management Inc., and others are integrating partner solutions with the PointClickCare EHR to create a seamless experience for the caregiver, resident, and family that all comes with having everything in one place.

Improve Claims Management with Integrated Solutions

Manual claims management is a labor-intensive process with a high risk of entry errors that could delay payment. A claims management solution that integrates with your EHR automates the process to produce error-free submissions and expedited payment.

Read our blog to learn more.

Drive Efficiency by Integrating Your Medical Devices with PointClickCare

Create efficiencies and save staff time by integrating your medical devices with your EHR. Marketplace makes integrating third-party device vendors simple, limiting manual data entry and reducing the risk of error.

Want to learn more about how to integrate your devices?
Watch the webinar.

Simplify Resident and Family Engagement with EHR-Integrated Communications

Resident and family engagement (R&FE) products that integrate with the EHR support greater efficiency and transparency in your communications through connected workflows, helping to reduce the administrative burden on your staff.

Read the case study.

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