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PointClickCare Marketplace: Solutions That Work for LTPAC

We’ll admit, even with hundreds of brilliant developers, a hoard of top-notch product managers from across the continent, and a research and development budget that would make most health-tech executives green with envy, solving the dynamic needs of thousands of LTPAC organizations remains a monumental task by any measure.

The good news is, we don’t have to figure it out alone. Every day, innovative solutions are springing to life. There are solutions designed to improve resident care; keep skilled homes in preferred-provider networks; and drive the efficiencies necessary to thrive under the pressure of shrinking budget constraints. So, how does one know which solutions safely integrate with their EHR? Or which service companies truly understand both the LTPAC business and the technology?

Introducing The PointClickCare Marketplace
The PointClickCare Marketplace is a one-stop-shop to find, not only the latest in services and solutions, but more importantly, those that are proven to work in your environment. No more endless Google searches for something that may or may not work in LTPAC, and no more questioning, “Will this solution really integrate with PointClickCare?”

The Inventory
The PointClickCare Marketplace is constantly growing with new solutions published weekly. Today, a few highlights in the marketplace include:

Medical Devices: We have cutting-edge integrations with our long-trusted partner RosieConnect as well as exciting opportunities with new partners like

Resident & Family Engagement: SafeKeeping and MyCooey help us to solve the pressing needs of the Senior Living space.

TeleHealthVER-Clinic and Third Eye Health are bringing virtual clinicians into the home remotely.

Services Solutions: PamSki Solutions helps to enhance the PointClickCare experience and Pathway and Richter introduce clinical best-practices for the industry.

The ecosystem doesn’t end there! Point-of-sale, dietary, and care-coordination solutions, as well as PointClickCare apps, can all be found on the marketplace.

Come see us either at LeadingAge (booth #1613) or PointClickCare SUMMIT for a personalized tour!

October 28, 2018