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A woman in a senior living organization smiles for the camera

5 Tips for Conquering Your Unbilled Services

Is your Senior Living community looking for ways to tame unbilled services? Do you need a process or system that will keep you in check and ensure that all of your services are accounted for so that you can get paid and ensure your residents get the level of service they deserve? Review the tips below and see how you can optimize your processes and conquer your unbilled services for good.

1. Find an Integrated System That Improves Your Bottom Line

Your ideal solution to effectively reduce the possibility of unbilled services needs to include a fully integrated documentation system. The right solution will help you document all the services and medications delivered, creating a smoother, more efficient process to bill residents for these services. This will ensure that all of the services you provide generate corresponding revenue, maximizing your community’s revenue potential and reducing overhead.

2. Seek a System That Enhances Resident Experience

Care teams spend long hours on manual data entry and paper-based processes, often resulting in omissions or errors. With an integrated technology platform, care team members can immediately see the scheduled care required for each of their assigned residents during that shift. This solution enables your staff to completely capture services and changes as they occur, while ensuring residents are receiving the care they need.

3. Look for Ways to Increase Compliance and Decrease Liability

With complete resident documentation in one place, your health and wellness leaders are better able to monitor the efficiency and compliance of your caregivers. With the right solution, you can eliminate duplicate charting by gathering all data necessary to enforce documentation policies in a single location.

4. Technology Should Boost Employee Engagement and Retention

By having the right technology in place, care teams can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time engaging with your residents. Your ideal solution should be intuitive, easy to learn, understand, and use, ensuring broad adoption whether your care team members are web-based technology experts or novices.

5. Select a Partner Who Will Support You Every Step of the Way

Your technology partner should have proven solutions, satisfied customers, and a vision about what the senior living industry will require in the future. Find a company that teaches you how to customize and leverage their solution for your success.

PointClickCare’s Companion and Point of Care solutions offer an integrated senior living solution that gives you the ability to capture and bill for every service you provide, including unscheduled services. Download the eBook today to learn how we can help you overcome your revenue loss challenges and achieve your financial health goals.

June 25, 2019