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A woman standing in front of a blackboard with question marks drawn on it wondering how to pick the right care partner

Narrowing Networks: Picking the Right Care Partner

The odds — and the networks — of hospital referrals are decreasing as CMS continues to shift from volume to value in Medicare payments, making it harder for skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) to maintain census. But all is not lost; innovative SNF providers are increasing their odds of being selected as a preferred care partner by using a little more than a lucky rabbit’s foot.

By leveraging cloud-based software technology to collect and manage resident data, skilled nursing providers can demonstrate their ability to deliver positive care results — and that they’re a safe bet for hospitals. Now that Medicare incentives hold hospitals accountable for readmission rates, and bundled payments require them to manage care for months after discharge, hospitals must build post-acute care provider networks to reduce readmissions and promote positive outcomes.

While 85% of health system leaders are interested in partnering with preferred and local post-acute providers, they’re not looking to team up with just anyone. To reduce the risk of readmission, and ensure maximum reimbursement, hospitals are reviewing a combination of quality data, surveys, and overall reputation to determine which facilities they’ll include in their referral network.

To stand out from the crowd, and make themselves a more attractive discharge option, SNFs need to be as transparent as possible. Premier’s latest survey revealed that 95% of C-Suite leaders report that hospitals may experience challenges in creating successful, high-value post-acute partnerships. Increased transparency will help SNFs become a preferred partner for hospitals, patients, and care teams.

As CMS continues to reform senior care by linking the reimbursement model to quality outcomes versus quantity of services, SNFs must be prepared — or risk being left out of the narrowing referral networks. If facility leaders haven’t started investing in the right technology for capturing, managing, and communicating essential resident data, they’re likely to be left out of the network.

To ensure your facility is able to deliver the insights — and peace of mind — that hospitals are expecting when looking to discharge patients, we recommend investing in a person-centered analytics solution. Learn more about PointClickCare’s Harmony Insights here.

July 26, 2017