Harmony Insights

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Harmony Insights is an analytics solution that provides skilled nursing facilities the performance metrics needed to strengthen relationships with acute partners and ensure the best resident outcomes.

Harmony Insights | Improve Coordination of Care

Save Time Reporting

Reduce time compiling data for acute partners with instant access to performance metrics tailored for each facility. Build custom resident groups and easily track performance based on their unique needs.

Harmony Insights | Drive Better Conversations

Prove Your Value and Drive Meaningful Conversations

Capture the data and metrics your acute care partners want and better illustrate the data behind your metrics. Promote your strengths to improve relationships and outcomes, and ultimately increase referrals to your facilities.

Harmony Insights | Instantly Gain Insights

Continuously Improve

Easy-to-navigate dashboards allow administrators and DONs to understand and improve performance, ultimately driving quality outcomes. Review residents ranked by acuity so that attention can be prioritized to ensure the best outcomes, and have insight into nurse performance to ensure staff are where they are most effective.

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