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A skilled nursing director of admissions sitting at her desk with a stack of patient documents and her laptop with PointClickCare's document manager

Empowering Pain-Free Documentation in Skilled Nursing

The healthcare industry is heavily immersed in paper records, using it to document everything from weight, to allergies, to medication history. In addition to resident information, there are countless forms and agreements that must be completed and stored. And a majority of medication orders and resident transfers between providers are also done manually, leaving room for errors or the loss of important documents.

The documentation of resident care is fundamental to driving better health outcomes, as nurses and care providers use the information captured to continually asses, plan, intervene, and evaluate the health of residents. The moment a new resident enters a senior nursing facility, a surge of important documentation and information comes with them that staff need to manage. To help better document, manage, and access critical resident insights, care providers are turning to technology.

The process of admitting a new resident into a skilled nursing facility takes a lot of time and resources. If the staff is completing all the necessary forms and agreements by hand, there’s a higher risk of potential inconsistencies or errors. And if a form is filled out incorrectly, it can lead to major legal implications – and whenever there are inconsistencies, the documents have to be recreated.

Leveraging a document management solution that integrates with the facility’s electronic health record (EHR) platform can help to eliminate errors and decrease the amount of time it takes to complete all the necessary documentation. PointClickCare Document Manager captures resident information directly from the EHR and auto-populates that information into new admission documents.

The solution allows facilities to create a “mother” template for each document required. Once the template is set up to capture all the appropriate resident details, the document will be automatically populated with the resident’s information right from the EHR. The result is personalized resident documents that are created quickly and accurately, and this process can be applied to as many documents and as many residents as needed. This saves staff a significant amount of time, while helping to ensure compliance and document accuracy.

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March 29, 2017