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5 Stages to Get You Ready for PDPM

Are you worried about preparing for PDPM? Do you wonder what steps you need to take in order to get ready for October 1? PointClickCare is here to help. We have identified 5 major stages to get you through the transformation and on your way to better quality care.

Stage 1: Conceptualize

As with most things, the first stage in your PDPM journey is where you need to develop a plan. How do you do that you might ask? Not to worry, we’ve laid it all out for you.

Stage 2: Standardize

The second stage of your journey is where you ensure consistency across all areas of your business in order to acquire the right information as soon as possible.

Stage 3: Analyze

After stage 1 & 2, it’s now time to analyze the changes you’ve started making and see what’s working and what may need more attention.

Stage 4: Optimize

In this stage, the focus is on looking for additional ways to build efficiencies into what you learned and what has changed since the previous stages.

Stage 5: Operationalize

The last stage in your journey! Now it’s time to monitor and maintain the successful changes you’ve implemented throughout your journey — and continue beyond PDPM. Don’t worry — we’ve got a plan for that too.

Stay tuned for future blog posts detailing each stage of the journey through PDPM.

Want to learn more about PDPM? Visit our PDPM with confidence webpage.

March 8, 2019