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Is Your SNF Streamlined for the PDPM World?

Patient‐focused care is the new mantra of the healthcare industry. From the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) to Medicare Advantage to value‐based purchasing rules, payers will push you to provide top‐notch care – and achieve the best possible outcomes for your residents.

Innovative skilled nursing facilities are using technology to streamline the decision‐making process of their caregivers. By implementing standardized processes, your caregivers can spend more time on care, benefitting the rest of your organization, too.

Consider undertaking three initiatives to enhance today’s skilled nursing reality for your residents, their families, and your employees: standardize operations, standardize care delivery, and standardize the resident experience.

Standardize Operations: Align Assessments with Outcomes

First, resident outcomes and your company’s financial viability will depend on how well you standardize operations under the new model. The initial resident assessment will be critical, since the primary diagnosis will dictate the reimbursements you receive for the care you provide. To accommodate this change, the Avamere Family of Companies has changed its workflows and invested in technology tools allowing it to standardize care across settings. Avamere also developed a standardized task list for its employees, so every worker knows his or her role and is better prepared to collaborate under PDPM.

Standardize Care Delivery: Create Pathways to Achieve Better Results

Next, address care delivery by letting technology do the heavy lifting. It might be as simple as enabling the seamless sharing of EHR data among all employees and facilities. Pathways – concrete sets of steps that clinicians and other staffers can follow in treating specific conditions – can also help you thrive under PDPM. The new Nursing Advantage solution developed in conjunction with the PointClickCare Clinical Outcomes Management Team, generates evidence-based care pathways based on the resident’s
initial assessment.

Standardize the Resident Experience: Remove Care Roadblocks

Finally, focus any standardization effort you undertake on the resident experience. The residents – not hospitals and payers – are at the heart of everything you learn and do with your technology solutions. By eliminating care roadblocks, time previously spent seeking, summarizing and documenting information can now go directly toward resident care. Nurses can answer more family questions. Nursing directors can review predictive analytics to identify which patients and diagnoses may need more attention. And therapists can provide tailored, targeted care for each patient’s specific medical needs.

Need More Information on Standardization? To learn more about streamlining your SNF for the PDPM world, check out our white paper, “3 Ways Skilled Nursing Is Standardizing to Improve Care,” developed in collaboration with Skilled Nursing News. Then let us know how we can make your journey easier.

October 3, 2019