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PointClickCare Connect: Improving Patient Transitions

The healthcare ecosystem is fragmented and disconnected; it’s a disjointed mix of providers, systems and data that lack coordination, leading to higher costs, poor staff and patient experience, and inconsistent care.

In fact, the U.S. ranks last among eleven high-income countries in providing high-quality, equitably accessible and high-quality care.

Our mission – and the mission of healthcare in the U.S. as a whole – is to connect the disparate providers across the healthcare continuum. When providers at different stages of an individual’s health journey communicate effectively, we can ensure that the right people get the right information when they need it to improve transitions of care and reduce re-admissions.

Benefits of a provider network

Clinical care is often compromised during care transitions as healthcare providers struggle to understand exactly what the patient has been through.

A network management platform can help by seamlessly connecting hospitals and health systems with post-acute care partners to facilitate care transitions. PointClickCare Connect is a national health data network that includes more than 4,200 hospitals, 600,000 care providers and 1.4 million active resident and patient records. Collaboration among stakeholders in the network allows for easy access to patient history from referral sources and rapidly reconciled medications/ diagnosis to increase healthcare efficiency, decrease costs and provide better care for patients.

In today’s SUMMIT session on improving patient transitions, we discussed how tapping into the provider network enables organizations to improve resident transitions of care and reduce re-admissions by:

  • Review of critical data, like progress notes or medications, allowing care providers to evaluate referrals with speed and confidence
  • Seamless reconciliation of clinical data, saving hours in the admissions process
  • Receipt of real-time alerts when a discharged resident arrives at a hospital, allowing the facility to intervene

The interoperability imperative

Building and providing access to a comprehensive patient record requires interoperability among myriad information systems. Interoperability is even more critical for patients with complex health needs and histories.

Real-time and easy access to patient health records ensures that the right steps are being taken and enhances care outcomes. But the benefits of data exchange go far beyond patient care – secondary benefits include reduced costs, more time and improved reputation of the organization.

Fewer blind spots

PointClickCare Connect empowers facilities with insights and data as patients transition in and out of their care, helping improve care collaboration before, during and after patient stays. Organizations in the network can create seamless care transitions with fewer blind spots, achieve better outcomes and boost financial health.

Learn more about PointClickCare Connect and sign up for the network

November 2, 2022