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Life @ PointClickCare: Lacy Hoff

We’re excited to share our first Life @ PointClickCare nomination blog! What does this mean? We recently asked our employees to nominate a colleague they thought had great career stories and we had an incredible response. Check out how our own Lacy Hoff made her way to PointClickCare.

Introducing, Lacy Hoff!

As a Product Leader for the Clinical Escalations team, Lacy has worked at PointClickCare almost 8 years now. In that time, she has held several other roles throughout the organization as she continues to grow and expand her skillset. “I started at PointClickCare in Customer Support as a Clinical Consultant and held a few other roles in Support – Tier III and Business Analyst. In 2016, I took a role in the Product Management department supporting Clinical maintenance issue resolution as well. Every role I have here just keeps getting better and better.”

Given that PointClickCare is only 20 years old, 8 years ago we were a much different company. As Lacy says, the speed at which we grew was one of the biggest and most exciting changes she feels privileged to be a part of it. “The size and rate in which we have grown has been incredible to witness. It’s been amazing to see how much more efficient we have become in our processes as we continue to grow and develop as an organization.” And even though the company continues to grow, Lacy still sees it as just one big family. “I love that in a company as large and diverse as we are, it still feels like family.”

Choosing PointClickCare

For Lacy, PointClickCare is more than just a tech organization, it’s an outlet for one of her biggest passions in life. “I have an intense passion for the Senior Living community and have been an advocate for PointClickCare as a customer and even more so as an employee. I know firsthand how important the work we do is for the customers and the people they care for. I enjoy and appreciate the culture and leadership at PointClickCare and find myself always grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and hope to have in the future.”

The most rewarding part of her job? As a passionate supporter of the senior living community, Lacy says that her job has many rewards, but her customers are the reason she takes pride in her job.  “Advocating for our customers and being able to see the positive impact my work has on the senior population; it makes me feel fulfilled every single day.”

Lacy’s nomination

As a receipt of PointClickCare’s Culture Award, it’s no wonder Lacy was nominated for a spotlight blog. But that’s not even the reason why! Lacy was nominated by fellow colleague, Karen Camacho, who mentioned that Lacy’s story is unique because of her ability to make two seemingly different ways of life coexist with ease. What she meant by that is that Lacy loves spending her time on her 10 acres of farmland in a rural community in central Minnesota, while still dedicating herself to her job at a fast-paced technology company.

For Lacy, farm life wasn’t always where she saw herself, but it definitely felt like home. “I was fortunate to grow up on a beef farm in rural Minnesota. It taught me so much about life and hard work. Farming wasn’t something I saw for my future, but I had hoped to be able to still live in a rural community as an adult.”

Embracing a new path

Lacy says that she knew technology, and PointClickCare, was her next path in life after working with us as a customer. “I have worked in several settings: long-term care, skilled nursing, hospital, and clinics. I hadn’t been real interested in technology until the nursing home I worked at began their EHR transformation. I was a key contributor in getting the facility from paper charting to efficiently and effectively documenting in the PointClickCare software. It was then, that I fell in love with the technology aspect of healthcare and really began to see the return on investment.”

Fast forward to present day, and Lacy says she couldn’t be happier with her decision to join PointClickCare. “I sometimes miss direct patient care but have found a greater purpose knowing the senior living facilities in my town use our software. I also volunteer as a First Responder in the community and find myself understanding more and more about the silver tsunami coming our way and how our software will help the world care for vulnerable populations.”

Thank you for sharing with us, Lacy!

July 30, 2021