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Meet Our Customer Operations Team

Interested in helping shape healthcare to support vulnerable populations and be a part of a strong company culture? Our Customer Operations team may be the right fit for you!

Discover why some of our amazing employees choose PointClickCare and what advice they have for future colleagues.

What is Customer Operations?

At PointClickCare, Customer Operations encompasses many different teams such as Technical Services, Customer Support, Professional Services, Customer Care Operations, and Operations Delivery. While there are hundreds of people working under these teams, they all have the same goal: Ensuring our customers have the best experience possible with PointClickCare.

Being Your Authentic Self

We interviewed four individuals from across these teams to get the inside scoop on their team and why they love working at PointClickCare. Overwhelmingly, this team loves the culture at PointClickCare, and there are many reasons, but the one that they all had in common was the inclusivity and welcoming atmosphere that the culture offers.

Senior Software Implementation Consultant, Cyndi Levesque says, “My favorite part of working at PointClickCare is that everyone can be their authentic selves to work each and every day.” Director of Strategy and Continuous Improvement, Vicki Zawicki added that her favorite part of our culture “is the people that I work with and the ability to be my authentic self.” Project Manager, Arif Gulmhusein also mentioned that “the culture at PointClickCare allows you to exhibit your personality and flair when interacting with clients and stakeholders.”

Want to Join the Customer Success Team?

We also asked these individuals what they want future team members to know and they did not disappoint. Project Manager Madeline Pearce said that the unity experienced on her team continues to ignite her passion for PointClickCare.

“At PointClickCare, we have a shared focus on doing what’s right and every day I truly wake up excited to go to work.” Arif wanted people to know that at PointClickCare, making a difference matters, and he chose PointClickCare “because of the gratifying nature of the work we do that impacts the lives of so many people in need.” Cyndi echoed this statement and said helping others is the most rewarding part of her job. She also said that as a former nurse, she can apply her skills in a new way to help those in need. “As a 30-year veteran nurse in the long-term and post-acute care industry, I choose PointClickCare because it allows me to use my industry knowledge and extend it beyond the constraints of one organization.”

Want to hear more? Check out our Customer Operations video to hear all about why they love working at PointClickCare.


Interested in joining our team?

March 30, 2023